Saturday, August 17, 2013

So Maybe harper Implodes On His Own and Nothing Really Changes

harper should have gone down at the hands of an enraged, democratic citizenry. I had a plan, but no resources to carry it through. And the geniuses had no time to even hear me out. I don't think it's because they were too busy with their own plans, because there's been deafening silence from them in that regard.

What nonsense.


Lorne said...

I think you should share your plans with all of us, Thwap.

Kev said...

Merely dumping Harper changes nothing, we will still be governed by neoliberals

thwap said...


I guess I will. I didn't want it associated with "thwap." But nothing is going to be associated with anything anyway.

thwap said...


I don't think I'm in any danger of losing the forest for the trees.

What harper is doing though, is making it easier for neoliberals to exploit and oppress us.

Our limited democracy, this Westminster parliamentary system, is the most powerful tool we've got for enforcing democratic accountability on our elites' machinations.

One can't deny that harper has been driving enormous holes in it. That and the rule of law and our Charter Rights and Freedoms.

Simply put; harper is the individual pushing this, for whatever reasons and in whoever's interests.

If Canadians remain mute at the evisceration of Parliament, at the shredding of our human rights and the assault on the integrity of our elections, ... there is simply nothing left.

Our protest are already futile. Now they'll be impossible.

I shouldn't be the only one thinking in a sustained fashion about the enormity of the problem and the enormity of the job it's going to take to reassert our rights and responsibilities as a democratic people.

I think what floors me is the absolute silence on the part of the leaders of the labour movement, the social justice, the environmental movement, about the very real right and responsibility we have to take harper down.

I don't expect ordinary, apolitical Canadians to do anything, unless and until the so-called "activists" show them the way.

And so far, to our great shame, we haven't done that. We have done nothing but whine and bitch and dissipate our energies in stupidly limited campaigns against isolated symptoms.