Saturday, August 10, 2013

The harpercon spirit can NEVER be vanquished!

Never say die! That's what keeps these "conservatives" going you know. Too insane and stupid to know they're beat. They're like the resourceful heroes in an implausible Hollywood adventure. Except that they're assholes who most audiences would hate. If your average North American was watching these puss-balls on the silver screen, they'd groan with dismay at the resourcefulness of these criminal scum.

They're more like a virus. Changing themselves or their environment to continue to spread and grow.

Case-in-point: The recent CRTC ruling denying the loathsome SUN News channel the mandatory carriage they need to stay in business might be seen as a sign of the system working the way it's supposed to. But harpercons are famous for not letting little things like rules and the law push them around:

In a story in yesterday's Edmonton Sun headlined "Sun News battles on," the parliamentary bureau reporter for the self-described "plucky, upstart news channel" and its newspaper arm noted that the CRTC's decision "lays out a proposal for a new category of licenses for Canadian all-news channels" that may solve SNN's problem with the flaccid market for market-fundamentalist bromides and hateful on-air rants.

Shorter CRTC shills: "We're unable to remotely justify saving you under present rules. But be patient; we'll just change the rules so that your vile propaganda can get a pass."

And Kory Kenyukyuk's patrons have deep enough pockets to wait.

That's the other strength these scum have, besides resourcefulness and dedication: MONEY AND POWER.


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