Saturday, June 15, 2024

Blinken Blames Hamas For Failure of Biden Ceasefire Deal


LINKJuan Cole does a decent job of explaining that it is Netanyahu's fascist coalition that has rejected Biden's deal.

On Sunday, according to the Israeli newspaper Arab 48, Netanyahu told the families of soldiers killed in the Gaza campaign, “There was no deal because we will not give up on completing the war objectives. The main disagreement with Hamas revolves around the commitment to end the fighting without completing the objectives.”

Netanyahu’s war goals are the complete destruction of Hamas (and apparently of Gaza in general). Netanyahu says he will not end the fighting until all his goals are fulfilled. He openly said that “there was no deal” because it would require stopping short of wiping out the people with whom he is negotiating.

Biden’s three-stage plan begins with a pause in the fighting and partial Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, then a prisoner exchange and complete Israeli withdrawal, and then the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip. But this plan implies that the fighting would end permanently so that rebuilding could start. Netanyahu is rejecting this third stage and pledging to start the war back up as soon as the hostage exchange is complete. You have to ask what is in the latter a proposal for Hamas, or for anyone in Gaza. Although Biden represented the plan as Israeli, Netanyahu has disputed that.

Elsewhere Cole lapses into his "responsible, mainstream centrist" persona that has tragically prevented him from seeing more clearly:

Yahya Sinwar and the other leaders of the Qassam Brigades, the Hamas paramilitary, who are doing the dickering are themselves wretched war criminals and you only wish they could be whisked off to the Hague for trial. If the Israeli military were merely trying to accomplish that goal, one could just wish it luck.

If you simply look at the nazi-level barbarism and the degenerate racist culture of the Israelis, then you would see what Hamas sees when they think about how to deal with it.  Which is not to say that I want to have a beer with anyone in Hamas and talk about going fishing with them.  I'm sure some of them are nasty, flawed, deranged individuals.  But the blame for this bloodshed rests mainly with the USA and the Israelis.  Hamas is a product of Israel's garbage culture of sadism and thievery.

The main thing that I want to say though is to read Cole's commentary with the understanding that Antony Blinken is the complete shit-for-brains that I've described him as here:

Blinken appears to believe that if he can get Netanyahu to pause the fighting and move to hostage negotiations, he can create momentum toward a truce and a cessation of hostilities, regardless of what the extremist Israeli government says in public.

But Blinken is naive if he thinks that Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir and Smotrich will yield to such mere diplomatic momentum.

Blinken is frustrated with Hamas because it wants more than a vague expectation of momentum toward a truce. It wants a genuine cease-fire and end of hostilities. This position implies that it does accept a ceasefire, it just doesn’t believe that the Israeli government does. And given how truculent and slippery the Israeli government has been on this issue, you can’t really fault this suspicion.

Thus we have an explanation for Blinken's nonsensical babbling.  Blinken is an arrogant, racist imbecile.  He's a shameless liar who is too stupid to know how to keep his story straight.  Inside of his skull is a relatively small, smooth brain that smells suspiciously like shit.  That's why everything he says is so disconnected from reality and insults the intelligence of normal people.


Anonymous said...

The Jewish State merely brought it all itself….:for what…..just existing?

Do you even listen to yourself when you talk?

thwap said...


Did you mean to type "merely [?] brought it all UPON itself"? 21 words and you still confused yourself.

Are you really so ignorant of the context in which October 7th happened?

Gaza has been under an illegal blockade for decades. Land continues to be stolen in the West Bank. Palestinians continue to be illegally detained, tortured and killed.

"Just existing"?

What an amazingly stupid statement.

zoombats said...

like I have said before, Anybody who stands unequivocally with Israel is either stupid or fucking insane. You would think the previous ass would stay undercover until this shit fight cools down which will be a long wait.

thwap said...

Zionists still seeing themselves as victims. It would be sad if it wasn't so disgusting.