Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hillier: "Don't Believe Everything You Hear."

Canada's top general has (according to him) been hearing a lot from Canadian soldiers during his pointless and idiotic journey through the country lugging the Stanley Cup around.

Apparently they're PISSED OFF that the attention being paid towards the possibility of Canada being implicated in war crimes is distracting everyone from the real story: Our contribution to ensuring that Afghanistan remains at the bottom of world statistics for incomes, economic growth, literacy, calorie-intake, life-expectancy, and so-on and such-forth.

What's the big deal about torture anyway?? One all day the good people will slaughter all the bad people. (ht)

"Hillier says Canada is working with the Afghan government to get the facts in these allegations."

Following this, Hillier will fly to California, to help O. J. Simpson find the real killer of Nicole. Hillier will also pointlessly show the Stanley Cup to Simpson. (Hopefully this won't distract them from their mission.)

"He says the Foreign Affairs department is taking the lead in dealing with the government in Kabul. "

He continued: "So go and bother THEM! And LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" Whereupon he collapsed in tears to the ground, pounding and kicking as he wept into the dirt.

"He cautions Canadians against taking as fact every allegation that's made in Afghanistan. "

Oh, don't worryRick. I'm w-a-y-y-y ahead of you on that one.

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