Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Iraqis are doing it for themselves ...

I'm actually not all that optimistic about the possibilities of human nature. Around thirty percent of us are going to end up dragging us down the way Conservative Party of Canada voters do to Canada.

But I honestly believe that ordinary people possess the ability to govern themselves. What's happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, the United States, and Canada (for instance) is corporate, militarist, statist greedheads and warmongering masturbators [as opposed to reg'lar masturbators natch!] are poisoning minds and establishing structures of domination, to ensure that people are fighting over twisted metaphysical notions, as well as fighting for their very survival.

An article from CommonDreams.Org presents one example of ordinary people trying to rise above the garbage of the powerful to construct a sane way forward.

Planning Iraq’s Future: A detailed project to rebuild post-liberation Iraq. The 250-page peace plan was written over the past two years by 108 Iraqis that included Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, Assyrian
Christians, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, and other minorities, the majority of which are still in Iraq.

Numerous other plans for Iraq have also been written by groups opposed to the occupation. Some, like that written by the Association of Muslim Scholars, the powerful Sunni clerics’ organization, have been submitted to the United Nations. Planning is underway for a high-level
meeting next month which will coalesce the numerous Iraqi projects.

“We are forming a very broad unified resistance front that represents the will of the Iraqi people,” says Hana Ibrahim, co-author and director of the Baghdad-based NGO Women’s Will. “We are
growing very large, so maybe we won’t agree on every detail, but we don’t need to. We can put smaller differences aside to agree on the most important point, ending the occupation of our country. What’s important is a unified resistance front.”

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