Monday, May 21, 2007

Imagine What Could Be Achieved Through Democracy

I keep saying this, because I continue to think that it's true: The economy must be democratized if we are to have any hope of achieving humanity's survival (to say nothing of achieving justice).

How can we prevent a "capital strike" by business in response to serious pro-environmental legislation? Only if the workers themselves are protected from politically-motivated layoffs through their own democratic control of their workplaces.

How can we know what an enterprise is truly capable of with regards to implementing environmental reforms and phasing-out destructive policies? Only if the ordinary workers have access to the relevant information. We don't want the state to be able to pry into all of the records of everyone everywhere. But workers, possessing the same access to information rights that they presumably enjoy as individual citizens from their own government, will give the inhabitants of each workplace the necessary information.

How can we maintain high levels of employment as a socialist government initiates a more just level of taxation, in order to finance necessary public works and to provide a decent standard of living for all? Only if workers everywhere are knowledgable about their companies' true financial standing, and are able to block politically-motivated layoffs and to dismiss the inevitable cries of poverty from business.

Note: In no way, shape, or form, am I insisting that all businesses in Canada are swimming in cash. If this has nothing to do with your own enterprise, then these statements have nothing to do with you. But corporate malfeasance and self-interested lying are not alien to capitalism, and democatic oversight and control will reveal that as a society we possess the resources necessary for our society's transformation from a doomed, consumerist-capitalist roller-coaster, to something based on sanity, justice, and sustainability.

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