Monday, May 28, 2007

One Example of Stephen Harper Being a Tool ...

Well, I mean, first of all, he's an imbecile, dedicated to the destruction of a perfectly workable public health care system, and to replacing it with the inequitable monstrosity that his backers in the private health insurance scam enjoy in the US of A.

He's a brazen jingoist and militarist, moronically hitching his wagon to bush II's trainwreck of a foreign policy, and championing the continued slaughter and abuse of Afghanistan.

But here's a little gem in his own words. In an interview with pro-imperialist teleprompter reader Peter Mansbridge, Harper is asked for his opinion about the reasons why we Canadians are so lamentably ignorant of the value of the Afghanistan mission:

Mansbridge: “How do you explain, to yourself, the apparent lack of knowledge on the part of a good number of Canadians as to what we are doing in Afghanistan…?”

Harper: “You know, Peter, I don’t know if I am shocked by that. I’m not sure if it’s different on Afghanistan than on any other area of public policy."

Thanks to Seven Oaks. There's a link to the whole interview here.

But did'ja read that? Not only are Canadians woefully blind to the importance of supporting an unpopular puppet government, starving said government ofnecessary reconstruction dollars, and imposing a drug-eradication program that threatens hundreds of thousands with the loss of their livelihood and thereby threatening them with death from starvation, ... it seems that many of us are equally stupid about "any other area of public policy"!

Yikes! Ouch! This elitist leftist is truly humbled by Harper's withering scorn, delivered in that heartfelt populist manner of his. Yep. Canadians who don't agree with Harper's policies are all simply ignorant.

Actually, Stevie-Boy, it's YOUR party, and YOUR supporters who are the ignorant asshats. Most Canadians are aware of the failure of US-style health care. Most Canadians are uncomfortable with bloody imperialism. Most Canadians are suspicious of fascist law-enforcemen regimes. Most Canadians believe that Global Warming is a genuine threat, despite what oil-industry shills like yourself tell them.

I just saw that clip this morning and I remembered how offended I was the first time I heard that lying prick say it.



Unknown said...

"Harper: “You know, Peter, I don’t know if I am shocked by that. I’m not sure if it’s different on Afghanistan than on any other area of public policy.""

100% true, but he did not mean you or I. We are informed. We may disagree but we are still informed. We don't know everything, but we try to understand what is going on. The majority of people hardly watch or read the news. When they do it is just the headlines they want to hear, not anything more.

I was once a religious left-wing angry peace activist, union activist, NDPer, then I was cured by reality and reason.

Today, the far-left and the far-right are no different than extreme Islam, other than they have not been as violent yet.

Harper is a small c conservative, it is laughable to see him as a anything else.

The soldiers are telling me a different story than the MSM are. They are willing to be in harms way. I believe what they say more than some MSM flunky. (we have a base close to where I live)

thwap said...

Well Wayne, I'd probably be fascinated by the tale of your trip from far left to far right (I know, that's not how you described it), but I completely disagree with both your claim that you're informed, and that Stephen Harper is a small "c" conservative.

I think that instead of being ignorant, you are instead woefully misinformed. And confused. Case in point? Your assertion here that you support your soldier friends and their mission in this comments section and the one in the above post (which i read first) where you say Canada should stay out of other countries and just let those other people slaughter each other.

I don't know how you can reconcile both those positions.

Harper, as I've said, is an authoritarian con-man. He's also an unwarrantedly arrogant one. When the majority of Canadians reject his policies, it's not because they're ignorant. However clueless and uninformed they are by the corporate media, they recognize that what he's got planned for them isn't good.

Regarding what your soldier friends tell you about "the mission" (pat.pend.), ... well, just because they're in harm's way doesn't mean they know the big picture.

Or would you reflexively take one side of a gang fight's story over some independent outside observer's?

I'm certain that the enemy they're fighting does bad things. Just like the allies we support do bad things. Just like we'll start to do bad things if this drags on too long. Somalia is evidence enough of that.

"This stuff happens in wars" is a refrain that's always used to dismiss the atrocities committed by one's own side, and Canadians have shown that they're human like everything else.

I've also no doubt that many of them are involved in projects that are positive. But in my view, these projects are part of a calculated (and inept) campaign of winning hearts and minds. And a futile campaign, because the larger goals of the occupation and Karzai's puppet government, are not in the best interests of the people of Afghanistan.

I think the Canadian MSM is far more positive about the occupation than you'd like to believe. They don't denigrate or dismiss war crimes allegations as quickly as you might wish, but that's because they still have shreds of professionalism.

For the most part, I doubt what your soldier friends have to say would change my mind very much.

Jeff/Reason commented here and elsewhere, typing from an ISP in Afghanistan, so I'm pretty certain his claims to be CF are legit. And all he could ever do was assert that I was a moron who didn't know what I was talking about, and that he knew much more that would establish my ignorance and stupidity, only he didn't seem to have the time to provide any information that would do that.

Unknown said...

We should stay out of other countries, but we belong to NATO, and there are commitments for being part of that organization.

If someone was attacking you, I would fight to protect you. I don't know you but it would be the right thing to do.

I have seen video of the Taliban in action, it makes my blood boil, I do not want to see them in action again.

I would never call you a moron, I think you are misguided but quite smart.

I wish I could express myself, as well as you do. I hope I am getting better at this. I always enjoy what you have to say even if I do not always agree.