Thursday, March 14, 2013

As Good a Survey of Iraq's Historical Sufferings as You're Going to Get

"Unmitigated Disaster" by Sami Ramadani.

You know, years ago on this blog, I wrote an observation about Mark Steyn's book I forget the stupid title. I hadn't read the book then and I never will. Because Steyn is a cretin. But a really smart "conservative" (or "right-winger" or whatever) took me to task for my supposedly weak understanding of fascism and for my not having read the book I was condemning.

This guy was smarter than me. W-a-a-a-ay smarter. But at one point he blurted out how he would like to see genuine democracy flourish in Iraq and be an example for all those other retrograde Arab nations.(And that this hope was initiated by bush II's courageous invasion of that country.)  I immediately replied: "There it is." and went on to explain how what he said was the kernel of insane gibberish that lies at the heart of any "conservative" worldview.

I'm in no way, shape, or form, the smartest person I know. I also know for a FACT that a lot of those people in the labour movement, environmental movement, NGO's and all sorts of other left-wing oppositional groups are tons smarter than I am. That being the case, I simply can't figure out why they can't rouse themselves to an opposition to stephen harper that hasn't amounted to desultorily masturbating themselves in between their bursts of useless afternoon or one-day rallies.

You know, it's quite possible that there are Canadians who also have an in-depth strategy to defeat the harpercons and save Canadian democracy only they can't get a forum for their views. Who can't even get email replies to requests for a hearing. Even with references to establish one's bona fides. But even if that's the case, why don't the left-wing leaders who have a megaphone have anything more than the usual exposes of mainstream political-economy's abominations, reports on heroic actions on scales so small as to be practically irrelevant and rhetorical calls for "resistance"?

What is "resistance" to these people? Some 20-something protester with a cracked skull getting a cavity-search from some fascist cops? Some lefty with a paid position in an organization that doesn't allow genuine political criticism of the system because that would endanger their funding?

Peaceful dissidents didn't stop Hitler. His fellow imperialists in the UK, USA and the USSR did.

Peaceful dissidents didn't bring down the USSR. Their economy ground to a halt under the weight of its own contradictions and its elites opted for a "Revolution from Above."

China is imitating the USA which is imitating China to produce a self-destructive system of super-corrupt authoritarian capitalism on a global scale. And harper has been doing his own bit to decimate our democratic and legal safeguards here in Canada and the left has proposed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING substantial to do anything about it in the over half-decade of his being in power.



How can we be so weak, confused and useless?


I just read Dr. Dawg's excellent criticisms of the new pope. Only five comments so I read them. K-Z, immediately upon hearing that the then Cardinal of Argentina covered-up crimes against humanity committed by the Argentinian dictatorship, quips how Dawg would have supported giving the Falkland Islands back to that dictatorship. And the shit-for-brains Peter 1 says that Dawg wouldn't have been happy with any of the papal candidates. I also know that Marky-Mark was recently engaged in yet another typing contest to try to defend Israeli atrocities by insisting that Israel is the ever-threatened innocent.  Why does he tolerate this vermin??? 


Owen Gray said...

Perhaps a lot of us have sold our courage for our comfort, thwap.

It's going to cost us to get rid of Harper.

double nickel said...

Heh. Marky Mark never uses 10 words when a thousand will suffice. Not sure if Peter 1 is even a real person (perhaps Harper posting anonymously?), and k-z, well he/she is simply batshit insane. Ain't the internet wonderful? :)

thwap said...


It's going to cost us more to accept harper as legitimate and to allow him another legitimate appeal to the voters.

He should be turfed NOW. He should have been turfed last year.

thwap said...

double nickel,

I just don't understand why an intelligent man like Dawg puts up with them YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Marky-mark sometimes has a valid point, but oftentimes you can tell he's just desperately making shit up like a shameless apologist.