Monday, March 11, 2013

For Real?

 I scrolled past this story at Crooks and Liars the first time. I glanced at it a little longer going past it today. I'd thought that the image in the video still was some sort of joke on bush II. I thought they were making fun of him.

That really is the mass-murdering war criminal bush II, standing proudly beside some kitschy painting he did of a toy dog. The nutbar fundamentalist hypocrite, torturer, thief, election-stealer. And those FOX News hosts are really serious in their gushing praise in their transparent attempt to rehabilitate the unelected simpleton's work.

Here's a great Glenn Greenwald editorial that criticize the nauseating gushing of Crooks and Liars for the war criminal Obama.

It's insane and we're fucked.


Dana said...

Oh thwap, we've been fucked for years.

thwap said...


Yeah. But this is like anal beads that keep getting bigger n' grittier.