Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bye Jymn

My blog-roll link: "Let Freedom Rain" no longer works. Jymn has retired from blogging. Jymn was getting depressed about the failure of the enemies of the harpercons to present a united front against them. Then he had a flame-out over the workplace bullying at the hands of female bosses that he unfortunately attributed to feminism.

But I liked Jymn because he could be funny. And he could be funny and dead accurate in his outrage. Sometimes, when a particular political shit-storm was raging, "Let Freedom Rain" had the most pithy of observations of anyone that I read. And his outrage was generally warranted.

Jymn, if you're reading this, take care of yourself.


karen said...

I saw Jymn's last few posts, but was having a non-stop week. I thought I would have time to comment and wish him well this weekend. I am sad to see him take down his blog. I thought he had a lot of thoughtful things to say and I visited his blog often.

Thanks for writing this.

Take care of yourself, too Thwap. I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Owen Gray said...

I will miss reading Jymn's posts. Let's hope that he -- and you, thwap -- are on hiatus and will be back.

thwap said...

Hi Owen,

Just for the record, I said I was taking a break from online "activism."

I might come back in a big way, and therefore the blog will still be active, but only for random shit.

For now, expressing outrage and calling for change on this blog seems like a misallocation of resources.

Beijing York said...

It's hard to blog and I give grand kudos to everyone who has done so and continues to do so. I know I burned out quickly because I was too much of a perfectionist so I am in awe of those who are prolific in their commentaries.

I will miss Jymm's blog and I will continue to check your random thoughts, Thwap. But I certainly understand the demands regular blogging takes. If you're reading here Jymm, I hope you recognize how much many of us appreciated your insightful opinions.