Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elections Canada: The Farce Continues

Shorter Elections Canada: "We're useless."

Read the comments at the link. Canadians are fed up. (Except for the pathetic harpercon hacks and trolls who vote down inarguable statements about the importance of electoral integrity and democracy.)


the salamander said...

'Harper reminded the House that the Liberals are so far the only party to face sanctions over 2011 robocalls'
(thanks for that timely jewel of information Stephen ..)

'Mayrand suggested 'If the government had acted on those recommendations, he said, investigators looking into dirty political calls in the 2011 election would have been able to more easily get access to party records.' ' STEPHEN MAHER & GLEN MCGREGOR, POSTMEDIA NEWS

Well.. 'We're useless' is pretty apropos .. dismally so.

We have a PM, his government & his Party, visibly sneering at their entire country.. and saying 'we know nothing' and 'nothing really happened'

There is zip zero sincere concern, recognition.. instead there is bluster and juvenile pedantic posturing & Question Period kabuki finger pointing at the Liberal Party's Guelph conviction.

I ask myself then, just what can you steal in Canada, what fraud can you perpetrate, what conspiracy can you engineer that would really take the cake. Cause Canadians to march in the streets, riot, turn red in the face about ??

Let's see ..

Insult our war dead or betray them or our living veterans and active Canadian Forces.

Steal The Stanley Cup .. or The Gray Cup .. or try to sell or lend them to China ..

Open discussions to legislate Canada to become just another American or Chinese state or indentured province

Badmouth Terry Fox

Ram an Omnibus Bill at us that will include legislation such as 'The Righteous Harper Laws to Extinguish The Charter Of Rights and Freedom and thereby protect Prosperity, Prorogues and The Harper Canada.'

Well you catch my drift ...
It was just Canada's Federal Election ..
no biggie.. there will another in four years, maybe..
Though Harper Omnibus Bills can make Election Law.. shall we say, situational now. Like fish don't really need habitat or water.

And its like Electoral Fraud, vote suppression, vote moving, illegal voting, dirty tricks, electoral grooming and candidate attacks are just not on the scale of outrage, indecency, lunacy or psychotic criminal behavior as the above crimes or assaults would be regarded ...

When all they .. or he.. or she.... did was move in, plan the crime, and execute it.. like systemically, with malice, greed & aforethought .. hijack, undermine, tilt, swindle, rip off, F over our Federal Election, cover their tracks, then shelter behind a Party's lawyers and layers and layers of obstruction and privilege..

And now .. as a result .. the country remais calm .. placid..
sucking eggs grateful that we have The Harper Government, rebranding The Government of Canada. no biggie there eh ..
Hey ! He could rebrand something to be The Harper Heavenly Armed Army next ..

And so in the meantime, they're making it all up as they go ...
for 'the economy .. good government & prosperity eh
Israel, tar sands,F35's, China is our friend.. we gots pandas, pipelines are safe n tankers too ! While we have a handcuffed, blindfolded, electoral watchdog/agency with ludicrous roles of engagement, investigation or prosecution.. and no teeth or claws ..

thwap said...

It is disgraceful, isn't it? And completely unacceptable.