Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Invasion of Iraq - 10th Anniversary Reflections

What do I take away from this abomination? The reaffirmation that our opponents are dangerous. They are cretinous, deluded, hypocritical, murderous, greedy, cowardly vermin. Everyone who was sold on the unelected bush II's case for the war was an ignoramus or a complete idiot. Every media outlet that fails to condemn bush II and his administration as war criminals has failed utterly in its responsibilities. We won't agree to disagree on this. We are right and they are wrong. We were and remain right about Iraq. We are right about global warming. We are right about austerity. We are right about the environment. We are right about Syria. We are right about Afghanistan. We are right and they are wrong.

When you let these shit-heads do what they want to do, colossal tragedies like the invasion of Iraq are the result.

Further "The US Invasion of Iraq Was a Crime and its Perpetrators are Murderers."
If President Bush knew he had no constitutional authority to go to war, then he knowingly broke the law and a properly instructed jury would have little difficulty in finding him guilty of murder. Even if he was not conscious of any wrongdoing, which seems more likely, a jury would still be warranted in finding him guilty, at the very least, of criminally negligent homicide if it found that his ignorance constituted a failure to perform the duties of his office with due diligence.
The mother whose dead body was found in the bombed ruins of Baghdad, holding her baby so tight they could not be pried apart and had to be buried together, can no longer be dismissed as "collateral damage." That mother and child, and the more than 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed directly by U.S. bombs and artillery fire in the first month alone, as well as the Iraqi troops killed while defending their country against an arguably unlawful and unreasonable attack, may have been victims of criminal homicide.

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Owen Gray said...

Bush never got it, thwap. He still doesn't.

thwap said...

His mind was destroyed by drink.