Monday, October 7, 2013

A Thought Experiment

Think about the disaster of Afghanistan. We've been there for over ten years. We've spent billions.


To defeat an insurgency that remains as strong as ever.

To defend a government that is as corrupt and unpopular as ever.

To defend a program of school-building that is marred by theft and fraud.

Rosie DiMoron says that this multi-billion dollar project was vindicated by the fact that the Canadian Forces learned to fight again, but I rather think some well planned war games could have done that for maybe tens of millions, rather than ten billion dollars.

Imagine a peaceful program of domestic spending of $15 billion that had such poor results. The fur that would have flown from the militarists and neo-liberals. But wasting it on a fucking war, and these scum don't even bat an eye-lid.

They have no legitimacy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, look at all the Swiss (mandatory conscription and they seem to be up to their tasks) and Israeli soldiers (by proxy warriors and terrorists) that have died in Afghanistan! Oh, wait . . .
Never mind.
Well, at least we have 'murkan military on Canadian soil to protect us from . . . oh, wait.
Never mind.
But if rosie said it was good, well then . . .
Aw, fuck it! Never mind!

thwap said...

Yeah. What a total clusterfuck.