Friday, October 4, 2013

I Don't Care About the US Government Shut-Down

I really don't care about the Republican Congress shutting down the US Government until Democrats agree to reform the Affordable Care Act. (or "Obamacare"). Because "Obamacare" is a Repug-inspired, shitty piece of legislation that forces people to buy something they don't want (and was upheld as constitutional by a Supreme Court that privileges corporate power over individual rights) and because the Repugs are a repugnant group of assholes who just want to preserve the "free-market" hellish nightmare of uncontrollable corporate fraud that was the status-quo.

Both sides are anti-democratic, inhuman monsters. This struggle between them is therefore irrelevant, so far the purported issues involved. The real-world economic impact of the shut-down is not irrelevant, but I don't know where I stand on that either. The economy is already doing shitty. Perhaps a self-inflicted catastrophe will shake up US-American society and produce a democratic backlash?


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath on that, either. The 'murkans against the n.i.t.w.h.(their phrase, not mine) are foaming at the mouth about this piece of legislation because it's "socialism" (as in Medicare, Medicaid and V.A. medical coverage which none of them want to lose, b.t.w.) and the ones for him are so inundated with saint obama propaganda, they can't even see how egregious this piece of shit really is. You're right: whether the 'murkans can afford medical coverage or not, they're being FORCED to buy something or else the i.r.s. will come looking for them. Some "hope" and Nobel Peace Prize leader, eh?

thwap said...


Yes. The mind-control campaigns of our elites have really taken their toll on our democratic capabilities.

To think that even 15% of the US-American people buy their garbage.

Unknown said...

i would only think that by doing that they can control the majority, and bargain their rights.

thwap said...

I don't understand your meaning.