Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Oughta Mean Something ...

International cover-up of genotoxic environmental catastrophe? I'm one of those limp-wristed "pwogwessive" types whooz against things like the death penalty. But maybe an uprising, followed by executions of those who launched the invasion of Iraq in 2003 would teach these scumbags some fucking lessons?

Do you think rumsfeld, Condi, Cheney or bush II would die as well as Saddam Hussein? No fucking way. Of all of them, I think Condi would die the proudest. She was, I think, the most deluded. Cheney would have had a pathetic heart attack long before the sentence was carried out. rumsfeld would convince himself that it wasn't happening until the last few seconds, and bush II would be weeping and shitting himself, a goddamned disgusting spectacle.

"A war president. With war on my mind."

Hanging wouldn't be too good for the stupid dry-drunk.

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