Thursday, October 17, 2013

Down is Up

 Lotta talk and writing about harper's throne speech yesterday. A prime minister who holds Parliament in contempt, and we're talking about his latest effort to re-brand his party of corporate fraudsters, torturers, rapists and closet-cases, as if he's a genuine democratic politician. The helmet-headed scum-bag got his majority through fraud, and instead of tossing him in the slammer we talk about his bullshit throne speech.

Well fuck that. harper is degenerate scum and he always will be. he's garbage to me.

Then we have those pathetic fraudsters, Georgio Mammolitti (or whatever the fuck his name is), the Toronto City Councilor/kept man. The sneering puss-ball has a nice, below market-value bungalow, where he preens and primps himself for whatever developer sugar-daddy is paying his way. This guy was the sort of self-entitled asshole who makes for a hard-driving union representative. Now that he's switched to the other side, that same sense of entitlement allows him to grandstand on bullshit like some city worker asleep on the job. The last Toronto worker found napping (a TTC ticket-collector) turned out to have been a genuine hero who was on heart medication and who died months after his public humiliation.

Look, sometimes union people sleep on the job. Sometimes minimum wage workers sleep on the job. Sometimes executives pad their expense accounts and violate labour and environmental laws, kill people and have their corporations declare bankruptcy to avoid any consequences for their larceny and fraud.

A corrupt, anti-democratic piece-of-shit like Mammoliti has no right to be calling out anyone with regards to their work ethic.

Speaking of pieces-of-shit who have no right to criticize anyone, Rod ("Mayor Stupid") Ford piped-up on the topic of sleeping workers. This stupid, useless turd works half a day (between his late-morning hangover and his late-afternoon shakes), doesn't have a clue about the basics of his job, and yet people record his crack-induced ramblings about his workforce? He refuses to divulge his itinerary, even though he's paid on the taxpayer's dime, and he has the fucking gall to talk about accountability???

We live in a topsey-turvey world people. Where up is down and down is up. That these disgusting clowns get even a semi-serious hearing, is a travesty beyond description.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. You nailed it.

thwap said...

Thanks. It's obvious if you ignore the static.