Monday, October 14, 2013

Chicken-Hawk Scum-Bags

A good survey of the harpercon's dismal record of hypocrisy and deceit. I can't believe that we didn't force these ugly fuckers from power years ago. Canadian apathy.


Anonymous said...

Thwap, you seem to be a relatively intelligent individual. What the fuck is the difference between the so-called "liberal" party and the "progressive-conservative" (oxymoron if there ever was one)party here in Canada? They both can't give enough away to their corporate masters, want to pretend to lower taxes while raising the actual level of taxation on everything they can get their diseased little hands on and bend over backwards to give away tax subsidies so their corporate buddies can further destroy the Canadian economy.
What's the party on the side of the little guys or don't we fucking matter at all? I'm waayyy left of the NDP so don't bother to tell me how lame they are because after some of the maudlin mind pablum that Mulcair spews, I can already tell you that their time as the official opposition is over anyway. They will be decimated again this next election and go quietly into obscurity the same as iggy did in the last election where the so-called libs got their asses handed to them.

thwap said...

The Liberal Party of Canada is comprised of corporate fucks and milquetoast "liberals" who thought Ed Broadbent was too radical for them.

Since the revelation of harper's election fraud criminality, I believe that the Conservative Party of Canada should be utterly destroyed and the Liberals replace them as the total corporate fux party. (I used to think that it should be the Liberals who died, but harper's sleaze has sealed his doom.)

What does it matter though? As you say, the NDP sucks. Mulcair is a stooge for a whole number of unsavory groups.

But the NDP sucks because we, the left, sucks. We have no leverage because we don't know what the fuck to do. We're unprepared for reality.