Monday, April 22, 2024



The only reason women backstab each other is because the patriarchy distorting their minds.

The only reason a working class person would think something racist is because the capitalists divide people to conquer them.

We would all be happily living in harmony with nature if not for capitalist advertisers creating artificial desires.

Mutual aid is a fact of nature and the lamb would lay down with the lion but for ... I don't know, ... bourgeois science?

If only we could be as innocent as children who NEVER demand anything and who NEVER grab things from each other.

There is no God or gods.  There is no good or evil.  There is just energy.  Blind, purposeless energy.  

The self is an artificial construct.  But there is no enlightenment to be found in the abandonment of the self.  If you want to become "one" with blind, purposeless energy, ... good luck.

There are things that hurt and things that create temporary pleasure.  Pain and pleasure are neither good nor evil in themselves.  They are sensations felt by sentient carbon-based bags of mostly water.

Perhaps "happiness" always tends towards equilibrium.  Like, John Cage said at the idea that there's too much pain in the world.  Maybe there's just the right amount.

Rich, beautiful people have their little constant desires.  People who have known great suffering are happy for relief.


zoombats said...

One might give "The four noble truths" some consideration as a path to follow and gain an understanding of suffering and it's end. To have compassion and lead the life you want for others would be a good start.Imagine, all that without some fucking God bullshit inflicting pain and suffering.

thwap said...


I shall endeavour to look up those "four noble truths" that you spake of.