Saturday, April 20, 2024

Two Random Speculations


It's my understanding that Joe Biden doesn't like the English because of his Irish ancestry.  Which is ridiculous because why the fuck should anyone care?  He doesn't side with the Palestinians against the Israelis.  He doesn't side with African Americans against Whites.  He imposes the same sort of hegemony worldwide on befalf of the US Empire (Bill O'Reilly's "White, male, Christian power-structure") that the English used to inflict on their Empire in the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Biden's nonsensical animus towards the English is empty tribalism.  Something he believes in without understanding why.  Because, besides being a hypocrite and an asshole, he's a genuinely stupid man.

Secondly, ... I thought this at the time, and I've returned to this belief observing the latest diplomatic/military tit-for-tat between Israel and Iran, where Iran has been trying to teach Israel a much-needed lesson without bringing about World War III.

The shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, minutes away from Tehran Airport, was deliberate.  It was part of the retaliation for Trump's assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.  Canada, ... including the many Iranian-Canadians onboard that flight, were being treated as US proxies.  The way that Ukrainians are used as US-proxies to fight the Russians.

The USA wants to attack Russia, but not directly, as that would compel Putin/Russia to attack the USA directly, which would either start World War III, or it would get a lot of US-Americans killed and therefore be politically disastrous.  So they throw away Ukrainians lives instead.

In the case of Soleimani's assasination, Iran could not hit back at the USA directly, as that would invite a war with the USA that Iran could have no hope of surviving.  But Canada is a pipsqueak, USA sycophant that is punching far below its weight class thanks to the soulless shills at the head of our political leadership.  Killing a bunch of Canadians, albeit "accidentally" was a way for Iran to punish the USA indirectly.  And so what about the lives of people who used to, or perhaps still did, call Iran "home."

Iran's leadership are not nice people.  Russia's leadership are not nice people.  Ukraine's leadership are not nice people.  Israel's leadership are not nice people.  The USA's leadership are not nice people.  Canada's leadership are not nice people.

There is nothing to choose from between these groups of psychopaths.  Aside from taking a stand against the mad schemes of those with the most hubris and the least ability to rationally calculate consequences.


zoombats said...

Your comment about the fact that all the listed leaders are "not nice people" hits home with my self proclaimed cynicism and Misanthropy, I don't care what people think either, but I was still entertaining thoughts on your post yesterday. Not very nice people albeit true fails to take into the account of incompetence on a world wide scale but more specifically our own leaders whom I question their abilities. What makes a daytime news host, a Reuters reporter, a Chief of Police or a drama coach for that matter give them the "chops" to lead us anywhere? keep up the good work I appreciated yesterday's link too the various agencies and their thoughts on that pathetic budget from an equally pathetic, not very nice, incompetent Minister of Finance

thwap said...


The democrat in me takes issue with the notion of measurable, or certifiable, leadership qualifications. Of course, hosting a daytime news show means you're good at self-promoting your bland, inoffensive, advertiser friendly personality. And a career at Reuters means you likewise adhere to their flawed practices. And Toronto Chief of Police requires a level of authoritarianism, corruption and racist good ol' boy (or Uncle Tom'ism). The only one I really sympathize with is the drama teacher. Except, of course, when it's a job position occupied by a guy so privileged in every way (family influence, education, looks, money) and he wasn't partuclarly gifted at it. So it was obviously a last-resort sort of thing.

So, those particular people with those particular backgrounds, aren't fit to lead us.

I'm glad someone else found that link useful.

Purple library guy said...

It's funny what's immutable and what seems to depend on something about a country's culture and sometimes luck.
So like, the leaders of none of these countries, or China, are nice people. And they really hardly ever are. But there are differences.

So, the leaders of the United States are not nice, but always seem to be functionally stupid even if they aren't inherently stupid. So like, the smartest US president they've had lately was Barack Obama. I think he's fundamentally a pretty smart man. But something about the blinkers you have to put on to be the American president made him do a ton of stupid shit in office, that was not even good for his own political party.

The leaders of Britain lately are not nice, and they seem to be successfully selecting only people who are colossally stupid in the first place.

The leaders of France all seem to be destined to hurt themselves trying to break French democratic traditions.

Putin is not nice, but he's clearly damn smart. Luck of the draw? KGB culture?

The Chinese oligarchs (not in the modern "really rich people" sense, I mean the top echelons of the Communist Party) are not nice, but they seem to have managed to cultivate a collective competence. They believe in figuring out what they want to happen to China, figuring out what the economy will have to look like for that to happen, figuring out how to make the economy look like that, and then doing that, adjusting as necessary.

Iranian leaders are not nice, but they usually seem to be culturally kind of careful and patient. They like the idea of making some move you don't really notice, and then five years later something kicks you in the teeth and they're sitting there smiling saying "What? My hands are on the table, I didn't do anything!" Their overt actions are rarely the ones that matter. On the other hand, I don't get the impression they're good economic managers.

thwap said...

Purple library guy,

And it really might be the case that the Chinese don't want to run the world. That that sort of thing might be a European thing. An imperialist affliction caused by a temporary period of scientific-military superiority that was itself produced by a set of circumstances and which other human societies would eventually master.