Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Pushing Back Against a Degenerate Culture


I just wanted to salute Jonathan Glazer for taking his moment at the completely out-of-touch Oscar Awards ceremony to speak out against Israel's genocide of the Palestinians.

Thank you so much. I’m gonna read. Thank you to the Academy for this honor and to our partners A24, Film4, Access, and Polish Film Institute; to the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum for their trust and guidance; to my producers, actors, collaborators. All our choices were made to reflect and confront us in the present — not to say, “Look what they did then,” rather, “Look what we do now.” Our film shows where dehumanization leads, at its worst. It shaped all of our past and present. Right now we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the Holocaust being hijacked by an occupation, which has led to conflict for so many innocent people. Whether the victims of October the — [Applause.] Whether the victims of October the 7th in Israel or the ongoing attack on Gaza, all the victims of this dehumanization, how do we resist? [Applause.] Aleksandra Bystroń-Kołodziejczyk, the girl who glows in the film, as she did in life, chose to. I dedicate this to her memory and her resistance. Thank you.

Of course, the shameless, garbage-brained zionists immediately starting braying about how Glazer is a Jewish antisemite, but who gives a fuck what those mass-murdering racists think or say anymore?

Genocide is genocide.  All of humanity is one.  Do not condemn or hate anyone for their ethnicity, their religion (or lack thereof), or the colour of their skin.  Fight back against oppression and injustice.  Be the best person that you can be.

Also: Respect to Aaron Bushnell.


Martin said...

RE "Aaron Bushnell"

What Bushnell's desperate act exposes is that some 95-99% of people anywhere DO NOTHING when confronted with grave injustices such as the current US-Israeli Holocaust of the Palestinians, just like all the "bad German people" during the Nazi Holocaust, whom they are happily pointing the finger to as examples of OTHER PEOPLE who are bad and evil in their deep dishonesty, self-delusion, and madness.

He pointed exactly this reality out in one of his last statements:

“Many of us like to ask ourselves, ‘What would I do if I was alive during slavery? Or the Jim Crow South? Or apartheid? What would I do if my country was committing genocide?' The answer is, you’re doing it. Right now.”

Now WHY is it that 95-99% of people anywhere DO NOTHING when confronted with grave injustices? Because "advanced" humans have a malignant disease called a "Soullessness Spectrum Disorder" .... https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

Because of this big truth Bushnell is pointing to lots of truth-hating cowardly soulless people resort to slandering Bushnell as mentally disturbed or fanatical, having been suicidal (he was not), etc. or try to misrepresent him negatively in some other form --anything in order to NOT see the real truth about themselves.

"America is the greatest exporter of violence the world has ever known. So wear your patriotism on your sleeve and be proud. You are a depraved citizen of the world’s worst killer nation." --- Paul Craig Roberts, Ph.D., economist & former US regime official, in 2015

“I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest, but compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine, at the hands of their colonizers (=the genocidal US regime and its genocidal Israeli colony), it’s not extreme at all.” --- Aaron Bushnell, shortly before he set himself on fire

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thwap said...


I agreed with everything you said except for your last sentence. I have written about COVID-19 issues multiple times at this blog. You can search and read if you want to.

I do not support calls for the censorship of COVID deniers or anti-vaxxers on social media.

I have heard reports about covid vaccines upsetting menstrual cycles and some other issues. But the covid deniers/anti-vaxxers have been (in my experience) wrong so often that I'm going to continue to believe that the vaccines are FAR less dangerous than the virus.

Regardless, we both share the truth that genocide is wrong. That the slaughter of innocent men, women and children is wrong. That racism is wrong. That the system is sick. That Aaron Bushnell was a principled, courageous man.