Friday, April 12, 2024

Something relevant to my last post ...

 In my last post about CBC coverage of the Gaza genocide I responded to the one-sided coverage of Israel's claim that the battle against Hamas militants was pretty much over:

 It also provides an opportunity to give someone from the Israeli Wehrmacht time to gloat about the military defeat of Hamas without giving anyone from Hamas a chance to respond.  Hamas has always been a lightly armed military force.  So it has always been incapable of large scale military offensives.  But are they still killing Israeli soldiers?  We don't know.  We've seen plenty of footage of IOF members acting like idiots inside homes devastated by Israeli bombs.  But for all we know, in northern Gaza, Hamas operatives could still be emerging from tunnels and picking off Israeli soldiers on a daily basis.

There's been almost zero reporting on IOF casualty figures.

Later in the day I saw this Richard Medhurst video:

It shows footage from last week of IOF foot-soldiers being ambushed and another video of a tank being destroyed.  Whatever you think of Medhurst's commentary, when he says that Israel is probably lying when they publicly acknowledges only around 250 dead IOF, he's probably right.  The numbers of wounded are far higher and standard ratios of killed to wounded in war point to a much higher figure.

[Also, I just have to say that I don't think the IOF soldier in the thumbnail is grinning at the camera.  I don't even think he knows it's there. He's just looking around frantically and happened to look into the hidden camera's lens.]

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