Friday, November 28, 2008

Bullies Retreat in Pants-Wetting Panic

Harper and Flaherty forgot to read the memo: "'Conservatism' is a washed-up philosophy, believed only by criminals and their moronic chump followers." The memo went on to say: "Karl Rove's failed sleazy tricks have run out their usefulness. The Republican 'brand' is toxic and they've slaughtered the party for a generation."

Thinking it was still sometime in 2005, Harper and Flaherty reached into a slimy, fly beswarmed burlap bag of filth called "CPC strategy" and tried to use the economic crisis to declare war on democracy.

Their bluff was called and Harper and his idiot MPs couldn't retreat fast enough. Like the pathetic bullies in an after-school special.
Tory MPs seemed thunderstruck late Thursday by the possibility that their second term might come to a sudden end. As some of them piled onto a parliamentary shuttle bus, they were heard incredulously asking opposition MPs if they're serious about a coalition.

They're still the worst government for the crisis. Ditch 'em.

H/T to Alison in this morning's comments for the link.

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