Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Wednesday in November

Well, the classy, non-psychotic guy won. Great.

[conspiracy theory]The American ruling class has been engaging in naked brutality and theft because their's is a dying empire and there's no more time for the luxuries of compromise and generosity. Plus, their right-wing counterattack has been much more easy and more successful than they'd imagined it would be when they started in 1980. However, after two stolen terms for bush II, they realize that they shouldn't push their luck. They also realize that they have to give the sensible majority of their subjects a reason to care about politics again. So they pick the charismatic representative of the oppressed minority and then even cynical US-leftists can think it's an important moment. They buy it hook, line and sinker. But then it's back to business as usual. The Repugs will make out all right. They've got that $700 billion and then some to spend as they see fit.[/conspiracy theory]

But I don't think the US ruling elite is that smart. For one thing, a lot of the storm troops of the repug administration were bible-college law school grads who fit right in on the idiot right-wing blogosphere.

It really just is the case that Barack Obama is an African-American who has managed to play the game so well that he won the Democratic nomination and then went on to defeat the candidate from the party that screwed the country over for 8 long years.

In other news, Ontario has become a have-not province. D'you suppose all the lefties who said that manufacturing jobs were important and that they'd be threatened by free trade will get an apology from the assholes at places like the C. D. Howe Institute? (Answer: Of course not!)

It's 19 degrees Celcius on November 5th. In all honesty, I really can't enjoy the weather all that much when I realize that it's all a part of global warming.


Beijing York said...

I love the conspiracy angle :-)

Touché with the Ontario comment. I'm old enough to remember when government policies were designed to move us away from being just a resource based and/or branch plant economy - conditions that define the developing world.

Today, we have Harper boasting our rank among oil and mineral heavy weights like Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And Prentice wants to reconcile resource extraction business with conservation of our beautiful parks.

Alison said...

Is that a conspiracy theory?
I thought it was just the dominant political narrative of the age.

Anonymous said...

You are a broken cynical sack of racist shit. That's all you can comment about on the sea change in America. On other sites you use language including twat this twat that, cunt, fuckhead anything vile to attack an opponent. You are exactly what you describe... including being very very sad. Sack o shit yeah that too. Moderate this you pathetic pint-sized mental midget fuckhead... at least YOU read this before you deleted what others might have read....and agree with.

thwap said...


I don't use the words "cunt" or "twat." (BTW: I don't think what those words describe is "vile.")

So, what's the "sea change" that I've missed? If you pay attention to my blog (not that you have to) you'll see that I'm quite cognizant of what Obama's victory meant.

If you pull your head out of your ass, you'll find that the significance of Obama's "centrism" is similarly important.