Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bully Harper runs shrieking from the room, farting and pissing in terror

Stephen Harper passed a law mandating fixed election dates. His next scheduled election was 2009.

Stephen Harper violated his fixed-election law, deceitfully claiming that parliament was "dysfunctional" even though the Liberal Party, terrified of going to the polls had been letting him humiliate them on a weekly basis.

The real reason for his election call was to avoid going to the polls in the middle of what looks like the biggest recession in decades.

Having had no real reason to go to the electorate, and having nothing substantial to say, Harper was returned with another minority government.

Harper responds to the biggest financial crisis in decades by allowing his sub-normal intellect finance minister propose spending cuts, attacks on union and pay equity rights, and an attempt to knee-cap the opposition parties' for the next election by attacking their public financing.

[Idiot "conservatives" and other incoherent thinkers say that we should wait for the US-government to act first. The US government isn't acting because they're 50 days away from changing governments, not for any reason having to do with public policy.]

The opposition parties respond to this assault on their ability to afford election campaigns with rage.

Flaherty concedes this point and hopes his brain-dead spending cuts announcement will pass.

The opposition, sick of Harper's bullying, his immaturity, his partisan selfishness in the face of a grave international crisis, refuses to back down. Flaherty's moronic anti-stimulus package is a stinking piece of shit all on its own.

The opposition has a strong chance to get the Governor-General to turn power over to an NDP-Liberal coaliton with tacit support from the Bloc Quebecois.

Stephen Harper (who turns out to have feelings after all, when it's his own goose about to be cooked) appears before the Ottawa press corps and, on the verge of tears, announces that he's postponing the vote on his stupid economic statement and his psychopathic government for a week.

Harper returns to his office, cries s'more, masturbates dejectedly, cries, rolls around on the floor in convulsions, and then decides to prorogue parliament for at least a month.

His sycophantic fan-base of morons, fools and hypocrites cheers his latest stroke of tactical genius.

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