Friday, November 28, 2008

Get Rid of Harper-Flaherty Imbeciles: Coalition Now!

Reading some more details about fat-head Flaherty's "economic statement" and I'm more convinced than ever that the Opposition must form a coalition and turf these imbeciles.
The Harper government is chopping spending and selling assets as part of a plan it acknowledges may not balance the books - but could trigger an early election.

Yes, Flaherty. Proving that you're just as stupid and incompetent as when you were allied to another repulsive excuse for a human being (Mike Harris in Ontario), you've decided that at the cusp of a major recession, during a crucial crisis of confidence in the economy, the thing to do is to have the federal government, one of the country's biggest employers, throw even more people out of work, take more cash out of the economy, and hope for better times.


No, wait, ... I get it. In some sort of pathetic, plodding, oafish way, you imagine that the sight of the government balancing its books will fill the private sector movers n' shakers with confidence and fortitude, galvanizing them to ... what exactly? Make goods and services to sell to people who couldn't get credit from a paralyzed banking sector even if they weren't already maxed to the tits?


And then there's Harper-Flaherty's despicable attempt to turn this crisis into an excuse for partisan advantage:
"There will be no free ride for political parties," stated Finance Minister Jim Flaherty after handing down his restraint package that inflicted pain mostly on the public service and politicians.

"Free ride" indeed. Flaherty might be too dull to grasp this, but Harper knows damned well that public funds go to opposition parties so that they can do their job keeping tabs on the government, and financing studies into policies. We live in an advanced industrial society and crafting policies, informing constituents, and keeping an eye on corrupt, war-mongering, civil-rights shredding authoritarian monsters who are elected by idiots, takes money. Being the sort of war-mongering, etc., etc. monsters I'm talking about, the Harpercons would love to deprive the opposition of the money it takes to do their job.

I was depressed to think that because of the vagaries of our electoral system, Canada got stuck with the yahoos as our government, but after this blatant partisan display and the sheer stupidity of the rest of Flaherty's package, I'm angry. This is the aboslute worst government that Canada could possibly have in this serious crisis and it needs to be removed.

The time for an anti-Conservative coalition is NOW. Harper has shown he's too selfish, immature, too much of an asshole with too little respect for Canadian democracy, to enjoy power one day longer. And with Flaherty, Harper has also shown that he's too big an idiot to hold such an important position in such an important moment in Canada's history. Get rid of him. Get rid of them.


Alison said...

Oh Thwap, suddenly a coalition does seem remotely more likely.

CBC : "According to the Canadian Press, the official says NDP Leader Jack Layton asked Broadbent to call Chr├ętien with hopes the two elder statesmen might finesse a deal for the two parties to defeat the minority government and form a coalition with support from the Bloc."

and :
CBC : The Conservative government says a controversial plan to strip political parties of their public financing won't be included in a confidence vote on the fall fiscal update.

Government sources told the Canadian Press only tax measures will be part of the ways and means motion that parliamentarians will vote upon on Monday.

It's a sharp reversal for the minority government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Mark said...

Just curious - how much of the NDP's funding comes from government financing? I'd heard the Conservative's were less vulnerable to the "legacy" legislation that Chretien had passed limiting corporate donations - the old Reform Party had always been better about passing around the hat amongst their members than the federal Liberals. I would have thought that the NDP would have had a similar or comparable ability to raise a lot of money from their membership as well.

thwap said...

CBC: "But because the Conservatives have such a strong fundraising base, their subsidy represents only 37 per cent of the party's total revenues.

By comparison, the subsidy amounts to 63 per cent of the Liberals' funding, 86 per cent of the Bloc's, 57 per cent of the NDP's and 65 per cent of the Greens'.

So, 43% I guess. And it helped them to run competitive advertising with the Libs and Cons last time.

Alison said...

The Liberal motion, which has the approval of the NDP and Bloc Quebecois, reads:

"In light of the government's failure to recognize the seriousness of Canada's economic situation and its failure in particular to present any credible plan to stimulate the Canadian economy and to help workers and businesses in hard-pressed sectors such as manufacturing, the automotive industry and forestry, this House has lost confidence in this government and is of the opinion that a viable alternative government can be formed within the present House of Commons."

A source says the opposition parties have agreed that Liberal Leader Stephane Dion would lead the government for the next few months."

A combative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Friday the government won't back down on a single measure, despite the opposition threats.

"We're staying on track," Flaherty said in Toronto.

"This is the financial plan of the government of Canada. This is a matter of confidence."

Glad to hear you see it that way, Jim.

thwap said...

Fuckin' A!

Anonymous said...

The time has come to get rid of that man. The hidden agenda is getting pushed in a time of... economic crisis? Are they out of their minds?

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