Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Malnutrition in Haiti

From commondreams.org: "Haitian Children Severely Malnourished"

This is directly the result of a series of hurricanes and tropical storms that have destroyed villages, crops and livestock. That these storms of increased frequency and savagery are the byproduct of global warming makes this another crime of our bloated industrial consumerist society.

But this is the desperately poor country that Canada's "leaders" both Liberal and Conservative claimed to care so much about that they toppled its government in cahoots with the USA and France and which they work so hard to destroy the Lavalas movement that represents the poor majority. They are working so hard to mutilate democracy in Haiti because they believe they know better what Haiti's place in the world should be than do the Haitians themselves. Supposedly, Canada's government and state apparatus and its NGOs care about the Haitians. That's why the Harpercons will give away billions in tax-cuts rather than spend the tens of millions needed to keep these people from starving.

I suspect my attempts at sarcasm are failing in the face of the stupidity and evil of Canada's actions in Haiti.

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