Friday, November 21, 2008

Bush Hatred

It's always easy to toss off some remarks about US politics, because everything there is in such broad brushstrokes. My thoughts on the famous snubbing of bush II at the G-20 photo-op, are that most of those politicians are assholes, thieves, thugs, and/or killers and hypocrites, just like bush II. I'm sure that they don't really like each other (or themselves)* that much either. And there's nothing extraordinary about policy differences. Nobody, but nobody on that stage probably feels that it is always and everywhere forbidden to resort to arms when confronted. So I really don't think they're mad at bush II for the invasion of Iraq or anything else.** But that just means that bush II must've been a particularly obnoxious presence on the international stage. He must've swaggered and insulted and told bad jokes until they just couldn't take it anymore.

*Obviously self-hatred can co-exist with self-adulation.
**Unless bush II's extreme disregard for international law and his imbecility on global warming really did offend their sensitivities and values?


Alison said...

Even at a forensic psychiatric institute for the criminally insane there is a pecking order. Perhaps especially there.

Mike said...

Apparently there was no real snubbing. He had already shaken hands with all the leaders in an orchestrated photo op for the press.

thwap said...


H'okay, I believe you on that, but then what did we just watch?

Mike said...

Um ... is that a trick question? Anyway, my answer would be that we saw a clownish U.S. president make his last appearance on the world stage.

The snub-that-wasn't was covered on CNN. Jeannie Moos (yeah, her - the one who does the funny stories) set the record straight on Friday.