Sunday, February 20, 2011

Don't Keep stephen harper in Power! Put him in Prison!!

Listen, it's very clear. Afghan peasant farmers, either fighting back against a government of rapists and thieves, or coerced into fighting for the insurgency, or completely innocent of any political or armed resistance but just trying to work their land and survive, were arrested by Canadian soldiers and transferred over to a government that routinely practices torture.

Whatever the writing on our transfer agreements with the Afghan government are, the Red Cross complained that Canada was inordinately sloppy with its paperwork, dilatory about informing the Red Cross about our prisoners, and frustratingly difficult about sharing any information we had about our prisoners.

Self-created ignorance is not an excuse for war crimes. Canada's shittiest government is probably guilty of war crimes.

harper is responsible for the actions of our military in Afghanistan. WE are responsible!!

We should not be negotiating with this monster. We should be hauling him before a court of law and putting him on trial for war crimes.

And if he's convicted and we send him to prison, he can take solace in the fact that Canada was, and still is, a relatively humane country. He's too public a figure for some shit-head thuggish cop to taser to death. And he won't be taken to torture rooms to be slapped and kicked and beaten with chains and made to stand in stress positions in freezing cold temperatures like his victims were.

He won't be standing there in a stress position feeling his muscles turning to jelly and his legs bloating to twice their size worrying about the police forces of this country going after his family, the way his victims in Afghanistan did.

harper deserves to be removed from power for the multiple times he has spat upon the institution of Parliament and the multiple times he has taken a piss on our Charter of Rights. But the fact that he might very well be a war criminal is reason enough to BRING him DOWN!


Kev said...

Canada's shittiest government is probably guilty of war crimes.

I would strike the word probably from that sentence.

Perhaps a "citizens arrest" is in order.

Anonymous said...

How can we go about that? The ICC will step up if our own country can't do anything.

Would we be able to argue that our own political system has failed and we need outside assistance?

... thwap

Kev said...

Anonymous. There are three ways to get a crime prosecuted at the ICC

1) By a reference from the Security council of the UN. This will never happen for a crime committed by a white western nation

2) A citizen can write the ICC asking the prosecutor to investigate. Again good luck with that.

3) A member state can refer a complaint to the court. Luckily Afghanistan is a member of the court, so this is a possibility.

The Mound of Sound said...

When the ICC puts Tony Blair and Jack Straw in the dock Harper might, just might, have something to worry about. It won't and Steve doesn't.

thwap said...

There's a possibility that harper's actions will be investigated ...

trevorus said...

gee, i wonder if the funder's name of this ad shown at the 'climax' are distorted by the parliament flames accidentally?

the whole thing makes me want to puke my guts out.

thwap said...


Hah! I didn't need to see that stupid propaganda, but in a way I'm glad.

So that is the crapola that the harpercon enablers of child rape in Afghanistan are pushing?

It's such a stupid house of cards. $62 billion to fight the recession! What recession? You mean the one created by the deregulated financial sector and 30 years of neoliberal failure that the harpercons embraced with open arms?

Besides, that whole nauseating display was illegal. You're not supposed to campaign using the trappings of your temporary government power as a backdrop.

I have never understood the opposition parties' fear of harper and the polls. It should be easy to decimate those imbeciles on the hustings. There's nothing there. Just simplistic drivel.