Friday, February 18, 2011

Transit City, National Daycare Plan, The Kelowna Accord: Canada's Political System

I was just reading the latest stupid nonsense coming out of the stupid, nonsensical Rob Ford government in Toronto about their negotiations with Metrolinx about the city's transit needs, when it occurred to me that "Transit City" is just one of a few overdue, much needed public investments that a Liberal government legislated at the last minute only to have them immediately undone by some "conservative" government.

Then again, the other two, the National Daycare Plan and The Kelowna Accord were both the product of Mr. Dithers, and were both undone by the same incarnation of "conservatism" (the harpercons).

And for my conspiracy theory to work, the NDP would have to be in on the scam, since they were instrumental in pulling the plug on Martin's Liberal minority. So, maybe nevermind.

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