Thursday, February 24, 2011

The First Thing After harper is Defeated? War Crimes Trial

That has to be the first order of business. Payback has to be a bitch for that stupid mother-fucker.

Peter MacKay too. Every harpercon associated with that filthy business. An honest to goddamned trial.

Then an investigation into the handbook for obstructing committees.

Then an investigation into who leaked Colvin's emails.

Put 'em away for the rest of their natural lives.


Zorpheous said...

There is what should happen and there is what will happen,... unfortunately these two positions never seem to be inclusive of each other.

After all, we can't start holding people in charge accountable,... I mean that is just crazy talk

thwap said...

Our political culture is insane to tolerate such nonsense.

I was reading about Stevie Cameron of "On the Take" fame. I didn't notice at the time, but there were false claims that she was a police informant, and Brian Mulroney, while he was up there blathering his stupid ass off about how he "forgot" about the envelopes stuffed with tens of thousands of dollars that he got WHILE PRIME MINISTER, had the shamelessness to toss out some insults Cameron's way.

The sense of entitlement!

Of course, we [Canada's political system] forgave him his little oversight about the $50,000.

Even still, harper is worse. There were innocent peasants tortured, there were children raped, because of his insanity.

Anonymous said...

Ain't gonna happen. 99.9% of population have short attention spans. Not too busy to make a living, too busy to give a shit. Ain't Canada great? It really is time to come down hard on the electorate voters, except they just don't give a shit. I know, because I live in an NDP riding and even they don't give a shit.

opit said...

"Our political culture is insane."

Full stop. The military are more and more openly integrated in NATO, but less well realized are the preceding connections between both the Commonwealth and the Yanks. Which poisons the well. The Brits were censured by the EU some time back.
The Yanks ? Let's start with a Canadian kid - Arar - detained on false charges ( testimony later retracted ) without trial for years ( until the Kangaroo Court was finally convened ) and subjected to systemic and systematic torture ( waterboarding is the same as Torquemada's Water Torture ).

But to appreciate how sticky things truly are with our common intelligence partners ( )

2002 American Service Members Act
2006 Military Commissions Act

thwap said...


What would it take to connect with Canadians so that stuff like torture, human rights violations, etc., would register?

Seriously? What needs to be done?

thwap said...


As sinister and diabolical as this whole thing is, we have to remember the sort of material we're up against.

If there was ever a slightly-less imbalanced playing field for principled people like Richard Colvin and Peter Tinsely, I'm certain that those imperialist morons would be quaking in their booties.

opit said...

Do you recall what happened in '93? Seriously. Kim Campbell was only filling Mulroney's shoes for a few months when the routine 'kick the bums' out impulse was combined with a platform of 'Keep the GST' and 'Join NAFTA.'
Canadians destroyed the Cons : 2 seats nationally in the House and deregistered as a party.
So 'Canada's Natural Governing Party' fulfilled the platform they had run against. Do you know of a single 'promise' from the Red Book of policy platforms that was actually kept ? I don't.
More recently, every single party was in compliance with UN dictates re: Big Ag and the destruction of access to non GMO foods and seeds.
I follow that and expect you haven't much. Hit 'Corporate Farming' in my Topical Index...or run a Search on 'Rumsfeld Monsanto.'

thwap said...


I think every important "Red Book" promise was broken.

I think the Liberals are contemptible. I think Paul Martin should be sharing a prison cell with Pierre Pettigrew for what they did to Haiti.

Our whole political system is compromised by corporate power, no question. But bring harper down is essential due to his dangerous assaults on any and all democratic safeguards and his calculated efforts to discredit democratic participation, except among partisan brainless zombies.