Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hillary Clinton Goes to Haiti During Egyptian Revolution?

Mark Weisbrot from Common Dreams:

It didn't get much attention in the media, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did something quite surprising on Sunday. After taping interviews on five big Sunday talkshows about Egypt, she then boarded a plane to Haiti. Yes, Haiti. The most impoverished country in the hemisphere, not exactly a "strategic ally" or a global player on the world's political stage.

Inquiring minds might want to know why the United States' top foreign policy official would have to go to Haiti in the midst of the worst diplomatic crisis she has faced. The answer is that there is also a crisis in Haiti. And it is a crisis that – unlike the humanitarian crisis that Haiti has suffered since the earthquake last year – Washington really cares about.

Like the Egyptians, Haitians are calling for free and fair elections. But in this case, Washington will not support free and fair elections, even nominally.
Read the rest. Apparently there's genuine resistance to the USA's bullying efforts to force one of their two right-wing stooges on the Haitians. Here's hoping. I hope the US world system unravels. It's an evil, doomed, suicidal system. The sooner the people the world over get control over their affairs the sooner we can begin facing up to reality and maybe saving ourselves.


Sir Francis said...

Washington will not support free and fair elections, even nominally.

The only "free" things the U.S. has ever supported in Haiti is free blowjobs for Marines. It's a tradition stretching back to the 1800s.

thwap said...

Ah Sir Francis! Technically, it's not "in" Haiti, but the US has always given Haitians free rides back to Haiti from the Florida coast.

If you check out the link, you can still see that Canadian librocons are sticking their shitty-smelling fingers in Haiti's business too.

Beijing York said...

I'm with you... let's hope this is the US equivalent of bringing down the USSR. Down with their 20th century imperialism.

(One sad thing though, I bet the tea baggers and other right wing racist will blame it on Obama's skin colour.)

thwap said...

Tea Party delusions are a big obstacle to a sane reaction to neoliberalism's failure.