Friday, February 25, 2011

How Rob Ford Fellators Argue

Toronto's free entertainment weekly Now is a left-left-liberal (or whatever, you get the idea) tabloid. It offers concise, unrestrained criticisms of the obvious buffoonery and hypocrisy of Mayor Rob Ford. Perhaps because of this, it feels compelled to give its letters section over to brain-dead Ford supporters and their endless bitching, whining, lying, and stupidity.

This week provides a sterling example of one of these bullshit artists in action:

Those who are pissed off that Ford got elected and that the sky will fall when there are cuts in services need to think about the basic principles of budgeting.

If there are cuts, they’re not made out of malice but because tax money is wastefully spent on perks, junkets, expense accounts, overpaid public sector workers compared to private sector workers, etc. Unlike maple leaves in the fall, government services are not free and do not fall from trees.

To prevent cuts in services, we need to cut wasteful spending, which is what Ford intends to do. Or we can pay more taxes. All this becomes sparklingly clear when one becomes a taxpayer.

No, Ford supporter, YOU have need to think about the basic principles of honesty! I know that being so stupid as to have become enamoured of a laughable, talentless dip-shit like Ford means you have limited abilities, but even you must have at least a dim recollection that the fat fuck campaigned that there wouldn't be ANY cuts.

Ford did not campaign on eliminating public sector jobs. Ford did not campaign on union busting.

Ford has not identified the waste that would allow him to compensate for eliminating the car tax. Toronto is over-taxed by Ottawa and Queen's Park and as a metropolis, has more needs, consistent needs, that cannot be met by occasional bursts of election year largesse from those two sources.

Ford has made it so that city councillors do not get free sandwiches when they're stuck in meetings all day. These well-paid politicians have to brown-bag it. Sorry to break it to you chump, but that ain't going to cover the revenue shortfall.

Oh, and "taxpayer"? Ford is now braying about a "public-private-partnership" to build his useless Sheppard subway extension. He hasn't been particularly forthcoming about who is pulling his strings or what sort of sweet-heart deal they're going to give him to sell.

So while you Ford-fellating dip-shits are off in La-la-land, masturbating about the end of the "free lunch" and bitching because your non-union garbage collectors didn't do your house again this week, the millions you saved will go right out the window to pay for the sleazy insider deals that are going to start rolling.

And while the real-estate tycoons are laughing all the way to the bank with all of our money, people like me will be saying "We told you so" and people like you will be drooling disgustingly onto the pages of the Toronto Sun like the idiots you are, oblivious to reality and to shame.


Sir Francis said...

Sorry to break it to you chump, but that ain't going to cover the revenue shortfall.

I can’t understand why Ford has failed to pursue an obvious revenue stream—shaving a few pounds of adipose tissue off his fat ass, rendering it into soap imbued with a variety of Ford-themed scents (like “Special-Ed Spice” and “Cherry Berry”), and selling the products at posh Queen Street West boutiques, displayed right next to the environmentally conscious toilet paper and menstrual pads. You think he’s worried that it might seem tacky?

thwap said...

Sir Francis,

If Ford were to raise money by selling the huge reservoirs of fat he wouldn't have any excuses to slash spending on clean water, homeless shelters and the like.

And, also, without that ass, what would the editors of the Toronto Sun have to kiss when Ford's dick needs a rest from their ministrations?

Anonymous said...

Sadly there were no worth while candidates to vote for in this last civic election , but it is no surprise that Ford got in with his ( stop the gravy train ) platform.
People still remembering the long strike of the sanitation workers but it was in effect a strike by all the unionized workers of the city. They like to call it a sanitation workers strike to fuel the fire of the citizens rage. Ford knows if he can break the 416 union , the way is clear to get rid of the sanitation workers and hence no more threat , the other unions can sit out till dooms day and won't have the effect a garbage trike would have.
But wait a moment Ford needs to get rid of the fair wage policy so that private contractors can commit payroll fraud and hire illegal immigrants and other street people for peanuts and pay them under the table. And there is the job security in the existing contract that prevents workers from being layed off if they have over ten years. Ford has some work to do here , but it looks like he will be able to ram anything he wants through council having a strong mandate and the help of such ilk like suan levy and the Sun rag name calling and making the so called left wingers appear incompetent and against saving taxpayers money. Now all this being said don't look for any tax savings as you can be sure taxes will rise and so will user fees for the public. What will be left is a re-direction of money to a few individuals instead of many individuals having a decent living wage and thus spending to drive the economy of toronto, not to mention most of these so called over paid workers are infact tax payers to the city coffers and pay property tax like the rest do.

thwap said...


Thanks for stopping by.

I voted for Joe Pantalone. I was new to Toronto at the time and I didn't know much about him, but the way he was profiled in NOW made him seem like a sensible guy.

It's a crying shame people are so fucking stupid about unions and strikes.

Yeah, the garbage strike sucked, but unions have a right to strike, even when it's inconvenient for people.

They don't use that power too often, they use it quite responsibly actually. It takes an employer to force workers out on strike.

I have no sympathy for all the dumb=shits who respond like pavlov's dogs to union-baiting.

Next year's budget from Ford is going to be an absolute disaster for Toronto.

Anonymous said...

Ford should have started at the top to filter the gravy , but as usual it's on to the working stiff who happens to be making a half decent wage and some benefits , however nothing near what some are getting in upper middle and lower management, and there a many of them sucking on the gravy train ladle , they are not unionized , so why has he not gone after them FIRST ! no need to wait on any contracts to expire. Typical political bullshit ' from some pretty good bullshit artists like rob dough and the other slug holyday.