Monday, August 4, 2014

Im Feeling Intolerant Again

Last month I wrote a little screed about why I thought somebody's comment was infuriatingly stupid. I called the piece: "Why I'm So Intolerant." (It turns out that the guy who made the comment has said intelligent things on other matters and that part of what he was saying was correct. It also remains the case that a LOT of what he said in the comment was plain stupid.)

I use the word "intolerant" because there is something about my writing style that makes me appear intolerant of difference of opinion and even broadly contemptuous of the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with me. I've come to live with that. And, the fact of the matter is, the more that I hear from racist shit-heads and their brain-dead justifications for Israel's campaign of mass slaughter in Gaza, the more intolerant I become of such scum.

The longer that I think about Librocon assholes and NDP enablers thought patterns, the more angry I become. The sheer stupidity of it all. "Human shields! Human shields! Human shields!" they screech. Lies upon lies upon bloody lies, in the service of killing innocent people. You're goddamned right I'm intolerant of such things.

I've been arguing with one or a few assorted racist trolls at Montreal Simon's place. Complete shit-heads the lot of them. Not a leg to stand on with their imbecilic attempts at argument.

Wouldn't it be great if the left in Canada was ORGANIZED so that cowardly bullies like stephen harper and his corrupt crew of of racists, militarists, religious zealots and closet-cases, felt the slightest bit hesitant to spew their stupid garbage in public? 


Anonymous said...

I read that Montreal simon early this morning and I have to say it was the first time I truly felt like skimming through a post that I read everyday. I think you have a very valid point about peoples perception of your writing because I can't remember a more combative Mont. simon post like that one in the past.
It seems odd that the minute you add your opinion it becomes open obnoxious troll season. I can actually feel your frustration at having an opinion attacked immediately by these right wing fascist assholes. That is the frustration of all those trying to be heard. Don't give up man there are a lot of us out there who agree.

thwap said...

I don't so much mind being attacked as I mind the shameless lying and hackery.

One of these days, one of those trolls might teach me a lesson. Or, I mean, a right-winger might teach me something. It won't be any of those useless fuck-ups though.

Harebell said...

Next time one of the trolls tries to gloss over the commission of war crimes point them here

It's a beautiful indictment of those who "support" Israel but who really do the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Dear thwap... perhaps it's you and your confused leftist ilk who are trolling given your foul-mouthed comments when you can't respond rationally to comments that destroy your position on Gaza.

One thing we do agree upon is that the Canadian Left must unite and the only way to do that is to destroy the Liberals because as long as the Liberals exist, the Left will be divided.

Ironically, Harper also wants to destroy the Liberals. He admired Layton and gave him a State Funeral even though he didn't rate such privilege. The NDPers who eulogized Jack didn't even thank Harper for the State Funeral, particularly that sleaze Stephen Lewis who disgraced himself by slagging PM Harper at the funeral.

Such is the demented Left of Canada..!!!

thwap said...


My apologies. I meant to reply to you, at least to thank you for the link, but it was a bit of a lengthy read (for online anyway) and the thought to respond was forgotten.

It's quite good, although it makes me sad that such obvious truths have been known for so long and have had no effect.

thwap said...

What a bizarre, rambling comment.

1) I notice that you provide no example of anything to "destroy" my stand against mass-murder.

That's because you know you don't have anything. I've dismissed anything you and your bloodthirsty ilk could come up with.

2) I think harper gave Layton a state funeral because he knows he stole the prime ministership from him in 2011 and he had one of his few moments of conscience in his life.

thwap said...

I take it we'll have to assume that the arguments that "destroy" my position against mass-murder of innocent civilians are the ones I genuinely "destroyed" elsewhere (as "anonymous" alludes to).

Anonymous doesn't mention them because they don't exist, and anonymous knows that if he/she ever tried to get specific, he/she would depart with his/her tail between his/her legs.

But that's a nice set of values you've got there anonymous: I have a potty mouth, therefore I'm less presentable than the fuck-wits attempting to justify mass-murder of innocents.

If only one day you could look in the mirror and think of the little child your parents had such high hopes for, and finally grasp how you've made such a miserable hash of it. If you could then drop to your knees and shriek "My god! What have I become?"

Realize the moral depravity you've embraced and vow to be different from that moment forward.

Sadly, such insights require a brain that you don't have. You'll most likely grow old and die in your sleep, comfortable in the fact that you once saw dropping bombs on innocent children as justifiable.