Friday, August 8, 2014

USA's Air-Strikes on ISIS

So, Wall Street puppet and imperialist shill Barack Obama has decided that the menace of the fundamentalist murderers of ISIS requires US airstrikes in Iraq to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe? I put forward some of my thoughts on these Sunni militants at this post. Basically, I'm just saying that there's a large portion of bullshit in this crisis.

This post is just one of many wherein I announce my knee-jerk opposition to any and all cases for Western humanitarian intervention. Our leaders are vile, inhuman scum-bags who can't be trusted.

There's just no way in hell that US satellites didn't see ISIS on the move. There's just no way in hell that they're not funded by corrupt Sunni governments, mostly from Saudi Arabia. There's just no way in hell that Barack Obama gives a shit about any real potential victims of ISIS. These air-strikes are supposed to bring the USA back in to try to intimidate the recalcitrant Maliki dictatorship.

The Middle East has been suffering World War II levels of devastation since the 1990s. It's time that we stop giving a pass to the architects of this destruction.


Edstock said...

"These air-strikes are supposed to bring the USA back in to try to intimidate the recalcitrant Maliki dictatorship."

You're entitled to your opinion, but your hatred of Americans makes you purblind. The US does NOT have the fresh ground troops to get back in, and the political climate will not allow it, no matter how much you want to believe otherwise.

Practicing genocide on the Kurds is the reason for the air strikes, because Maliki's army can't git 'er done. So, either the US can stand by, and watch the whole Kurd 'nation' rise up to fight ISIS, or it can take out the ISIS heavy weapons, and the Kurds will take care of the rest. They're good at that, just ask the Turks.

thwap said...

I do not hate the Americans. I hate the American leadership. Just so we're precise about our terms.

Sorry EdStock, but it is my policy to reject each and every US-American foreign policy intervention as a matter of course.

ISIS was allowed to develop by the Americans. They have surveillance from outer-space. They have the Saudis and the Israelis there on the spot.

They are fundamentalist zealots, the same as they're funding in Syria, the same as they used in Libya.

They have created this mess and they don't get to now say: "Let us strike there militarily, to avert a human tragedy."

That's the crucial point: They created this mess, this specific mess. ISIS. It's the latest in a long-line of CIA-backed monsters. Air-strikes on Iraqi territory are a precedent for something else. And it's no secret that the Obama administration isn't happy with the Maliki dictatorship.