Saturday, August 9, 2014

Libertarians Saving Us All From "Collectivism"

So, yesterday i was watching this Youtube video where Senator Elizabeth Warren grills the Federal Reserve Board Chair about the failure of these trillion dollar Wall Street banks to make the "living wills" that their legislatively obligated to do, in order to prevent even bigger messes than happened after Lehman Brothers bankruptcy.

But in the comments, there were the usual right-wing fuck-faces, attempting to belittle the brilliant Warren with the sort of stupid tripe that these imbeciles are infamous for. But then, one of the "grown-up" right-wingers piped-up with this gem:
The only thing rational people fear, is that there are so many idiots who would worship a person like this.  She has intelligence and can make many valid points, but she's so focused on collectivism, and is blind to it's inherent flaws.
Ah yes! "Inherent flaws"! What a brilliant mind!

Um, hold on a second pal. Does capitalism have any "inherent flaws"? Are they such as to make the game not worth the candle? Let's have a discussion at some point, where your childish talking points can be exploded for the drivel that they are.

But this post owes its existence to whatever piece-of-shit wrote this comment at a story about how the police were video-taping their strip-searches at the holding pen for the Toronto G-20:

Zog Mossad ·  Top Commenter
Leftards getting "outraged" to their heart content. Hey, assholes, YOU are the ones pushing for big government! Real Big Government as YOU wishing would have done probed your entire colon and urethra to the bladder, so, keep hoping!

This is what that plodding dullard at the Elizabeth Warren video was trying to articulate. "Collectivism" eventually means that you have ZERO rights! Except for the fact that this notion is one of the most dangerously simplistic, inherently stupid, moronic, shit-for-brains-ish, mental pieces of garbage going.

It is so mentally stunted that it boggles the mind! Do these idiots not walk on public sidewalks or drive down public streets? Do they not grasp the complexities of industrial societies? Private provision of goods used or consumed by the general public is often inefficient and unreliable. In order for things to not grind to a halt, we decide to do things collectively. Doing things collectively does not mean that we all become robots in a Stalinist dystopia. There's this thing called "democracy" and these things called "human rights" that leftists are always shouting for, and which we already partially enjoy, that prevents the same authority that is able to erect stop-signs at intersections from metastasizing into Stalinism. You stupid clods.

I wish these assholes could all find an island somewhere, where they can indulge their libertarian fantasies and leave us all the hell alone. (Ah, but to be fair, I'd like the "blogging Tories," "Tea party" types to have their own island too. And the Liberal party, Democratic Party Obama-bots to have their own island.) All of these Islands would devolve into cannibalism.

I can see it all now: The "libertarian" islanders would decide that as individuals they have an inherent right to eat their fellows to survive. And they graciously (and CONSISTENTLY!) extend that same right to their fellows.

The blogging tory/tea-party shlubs would just starve to death as they prayed to Jesus to save them, with cannibalism being the last result of the most desperate of the survivors from the non-existent Jesus's non-arriving help.

The Liberal/Democrat Trudeau-Obamabots would split into back-stabbing factions. They'd take each other out in low-tech drone strikes, all the while spewing the most insulting, sanctimonious and oily bullshit rhetoric about the rule-of-law and the "responsibility to protect" and "giving everyone an equal chance to reach their fullest potential." The victors will have orgies at their feasts.


Anonymous said...

Or the two islands might go to war over which end of the egg to open!vealdd

thwap said...

Those two islands would be the Tea-Party and the liberals.

The libertarians would stay out of that one. They're inherently isolationist. One of their inadvertent qualities.