Friday, August 15, 2014

"We tortured some folks"

"But we were really scared."

The depths of American liberalism.

"We tortured some folks."

"We tortured some folks."

"We tortured some folks."

"WE tortured some folks.."

"We TORTURED some folks."

"We tortured SOME FOLKS."

What a disgusting culture. And it's our culture. Our governments are just as stained. Our "conservatives" are just as debased as those who condemned Obama for admitting what was impossible to deny.

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Anonymous said...

Conservative/Liberal - no difference in this.

Harper gets to wear the lockup at the G-20

Johnny Cretin gets to wear the beat downs at APEC in Vancouver

Harper "MERELY" continued (with obvious enthusiasm) what the Liberals began. Remember what happened to Arar and Khadr - both cases reek of discrimination since they aren't like us. Both end up being gross violations of treaties that Canada is a signatory to. Great representation by our government which too many forget works on our behalf.

Make em uncomfortable, and every campaign contact, ask the tough question... "Are their instances where you condone the use of torture?" Call that the left, follow it up quickly with the right "Should all countries be forced to sign the Nuclear non-prolifieration treaty, or face economic embargo?"

BemusedLurker (Still supporting the moderates)