Sunday, August 31, 2014

Michelle Rempel's Blind Rage

So, Michelle Rempel, MP and member of the Corrupt Conservative Party of Canada finds Justin Trudeau's comments about the sources of international conflict to be "blind-rage inducing."

I won't get into the stupidity of her own "thoughts" on international affairs. I'd just like to remind everyone that one of the tiresome refrains that corrupt conservatives like to repeat was that leftists were so very, very angry. We were unhinged from "bush derangement syndrome" or "harper derangement syndrome" so that we couldn't think straight.

IOIYAC though. Rempel trumpets her rage as something honourable when it comes to hating liberals. The hypocrisy has, I'm sure, been unnoticed by the harpercons.

FWIW, I never denied being angry about bush II or about harper. The real "derangement syndrome" is suffered by those boot-licking imbeciles who never saw the criminality and moral depravity of their heroes.


greg said...

Sorry,.... I was trying to find the last posts you wrote on what kind of a party you'd like to have in parliament. Do you reject all the present parties? I thought you said you didn't like the Greens, but I'm not sure. Do you favour an NDP type party before they went to the right? Did you like Broadbent for instance. Thanks in advance.

thwap said...

At the present, I think they're all hopeless. The Greens say some good things but they also say some very silly things.

The NDP under Mulcair is worthless.

Forming a new socialist party is a waste of time too.

I think Canadian progressives should work to change the political climate in this country on their own, but with an eye towards convincing the NDP to move leftwards. That's our only hope.

Unfortunately, our only hope relies on a leftist movement that can't fight its way out of a paper-bag.

So we're fucked.

greg said...

Do you think moving first past the post would change anything? Would it force the system to shift any? I realize it would be the same parties involved. Or do you see this as just moving the deck chairs. (Gotta find a new metaphor)

thwap said...

We've totally got to get rid of "first past the post." It discourages citizen voting and it discourages political diversity.

How many Canadians are forced to vote Liberal just to stave-off a Conservative victory, thereby masking their leftward preferences?

And, imagine if you could respond to Thomas Mulcair's neo-liberal garbage by voting Socialist and your vote will actually mean a level of socialist representation? There'd be consequences for politicians who betray their bases.

the salamander said...

.. what Rempel has to say is worth reading..?
Like most of the Harper cadre of MP's & complicits
something got flawed or incompleted inside her brain

Think of it as a mood disorder..
a seratonin issue.. or a bad cerebral wart
Whether she is a distorted evangelical is curious and intrigues me.... and if she thinks dinosaurs walked with men or women

I don't see her as worse than Adler, Anders, Baird, Clemente.. its a common syndrome denoted by mindless clapping adherence to PMO distributed dogma & just fine with whipping, duplicity, deceit denial and incompetance

Do you really think she uses a full cognitive spectrum?
Or do you think that like Kellie Leitch or late great Jim Flaherty, all or almost all of them can or did supress reality, blink rapidly and spew exactly what Harper says.. rather than reflect the needs, dreams and wishes of those who trusted and voted for them?

thwap said...

I think Michelle Rempel has an incomplete human brain. Obviously though, it's the only brain she knows, so she uses it as hard as the average fully-brained human uses theirs.

She's oblivious to the shortcomings of her output and ours.