Sunday, August 17, 2014

Who Broke-in to Justin Trudeau's House?

So, I heard that Justin Trudeau's house was broken into from Montreal Simon's blog. Apparently Mr. Trudeau was on the road and his wife and children were sleeping. Nothing was missing but a "threatening note" was found.

Occam's razor. My last boss was an outside-of-Toronto-living member of Ford Nation. Working-class guy who, through hard work and brains, became the property manager for a fairly big property owner. Obviously though, his brain capacity didn't extend into the world of politics. Anyhow, we were talking in his truck about federal politics and he asked me what I thought the Liberals would be like if they got power. I said "About the same as the Conservatives." He got agitated and shouted: "If that Trudeau guy gets in, we're fucking dead!"

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals; the party that gave us the Anti-Terrorism Act are namby-pamby "soft-on-crime" wussies apparently. Justin Trudeau, who thinks the Tar Sands apocalyptic landscape is "awesome" is just a tree-hugging fanatic who'll have us all wearing rags and lining-up for our granola and tofu gruel at the public feeding centers.

Let me put it this way: The Conservatives have, at times, dominated Canadian federal politics, and at other times, they've been the number two party. They've got corporate Canada's money and media behind them. But these stupid fucks with their nauseating self-pity and persecution complex, actually believe that the dastardly Liberals use every trick in the book to keep them down and that therefore, they're compelled to violate our electoral laws and commit criminal acts and financial fraud to win. Then, being sick, twisted individuals, they project their own shortcomings on others and convince themselves that "everyone else does it" and that the only reason their election fraud is a scandal has to do with the "liberal media" conspiracy against them.

Boo-hoo-hoo. These are the assholes who believe that every single one of their self-inflicted crises are all part of a lefty conspiracy. Election fraud investigation? A liberal witch-hunt. Inquiring into Bev Oda's fraud and lying under oath? Lefty conspiracy. Wanting the harpercon government to release information on Afghan prisoners? A hypocritical partisan sham. Parliament finding harper in contempt for not releasing basic information to the majority of the people's representatives? A "kangaroo court." Wanting to topple the harpercon minority for taking gross partisan advantage of a grave financial-economic crisis? That was a "socialist-separatist coup."

And these are just the "conservatives" with the brains to hold it together in front of the cameras to not descend into spittle-flecked rage (all the time). Their foot-soldiers (the misshapen, dismally stupid humans who inhabit Small Dead Animals or the Blogging Tories, these people have worked themselves up into a lather about the vast left-wing conspiracy against them and their party.

Remember folks; these people are "under attack" because they can't physically attack homosexuals anymore. Their "values" are "under attack" when their children can't bully homosexuals anymore. They're "under attack" when gay kids and straight kids are allowed to form alliance clubs to fight back against bullying.

They see themselves as constantly "under attack" from the gays, the Muslims, the First Nations, the poor, Black people, Chinese people, South Asians, etc. In their eyes it's "Thank God for stephen harper and the Conservative Party of Canada, saving us from the dusky politically-correct, tax-grabbing hordes. And, thankfully, even if there's a Kenyan Socialist-Fascist in the White House, the US military remains a bastion of what's right and true and blah, blah, blah."

To these warped and paranoid minds, Justin Trudeau's father was a Maoist totalitarian. Seriously. And Justin Trudeau will be even worse. His father might have been a communist Fu Manchu, but Justin is the genetic mixing of Fu Manchu and a pot-headed, hippy air-head bimbo. Justin will have none of his father's restraint but all of his totalitarian inclinations. He'll be twice as dangerous as his father.

Can't you see the danger people??? Too many Canadians are brainwashed by liberal propaganda and believe in expensive programs that don't work which are partially paid for by punishing success through ruinous tax increases. These mindless fools let themselves be seduced by Justin Trudeau's pretty face, and they'll march to the polls chanting "Justin! Justin!" like zombies as a result of biased media coverage.


Justin Trudeau will be Canada's Barack Obama. An amoral shill for the status-quo dressed-up in a nicer looking and nicer sounding package. But just as the American right-wing is united in its incoherent rage-gasm against him as a Kenyan usurper, a terrorist, a wimp, a dictator, a pervert, .... so too is the Canadian right-wing fostering an all-encompassing, total hatred for Justin Trudeau, of similar proportions and similar incoherence. And, yes, this irrational hatred is nurtured by the respective Repugs and harpercon parties. It's fostered by right-wing media.


In the end, I think it was one of these deluded foot-soldiers, acting alone, who broke into Justin Trudeau's house. Such an act would be too dangerous for even the harpercons to try at this moment. At the very least, it's premature. And while it's possible that a crazed Liberal Party operative did this, it's far, far less likely than that it was just some right-wing fanatic. Being a Canadian, they thought it only fair that Justin receive a warning first.  But I'm afraid that given the circumstances, that one of them will return.


Omar said...

Yeah, I don't *really* think "a crazed Liberal Party operative did this", but in this crazed political atmosphere we currently and unfortunately inhabit, absolutely nothing would surprise me.

thwap said...

Wouldn't it be nice if politicians competed on the basis of their policies, rather than who has a nicer singing voice or pretty face or zero compunctions against election fraud?

Anonymous said...

Harper attacked Trudeau the minute he became leader of the Liberals. Trudeau hadn't been in office long enough to earn, Harper's hate, spite and malice. Harper's own Ministers refused to mail out, Harper's hate literature on Trudeau. Harper's bizarre behavior, really shocked a lot of people. Harper's behavior is very unbecoming, for a Canadian PM.

Of course this is a terror attack, on Trudeau's wife and little children. Whoever did this, is no better than Hitler and his terror attacks on those, who opposed him.

People would have to be very stupid, not to see this as an attack of terror. This is a plot against a young family.

The Police are doing a risk assessment, for the Trudeau's. However, with a horses head placed in their baby's crib? I would be hiring guards to protect my family.

This country has become, very evil, corrupt and sick.

Anonymous said...

It took the news reportage
off of Sona.