Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HAH! Read the Pathetic harpercons Weeping and Whining!

With a hat-tip to "Mr. Sinister," I give you this Chronicle-Herald editorial - "Stop Harper-ventilating":
We’re talking about the "reckless, unprincipled coalition" that Mr. Harper has invented as his political opponent and chief whipping boy in the 2011 campaign and the underlying attitude that it’s somehow illegitimate for other parties to work together without him in a minority Parliament if he isn’t able to find a way to govern co-operatively with any of them.

"I don’t choose to work with other parties. So reward me with a majority. Or we’re doomed." The sophistry of the prime minister’s coalition hyperventilating really amounts to nothing more than this.


Keeping financial information from Parliament was not exactly a principled stand on which to be defeated. But if Mr. Harper had his majority, it wouldn’t matter. He could stonewall legitimate requests for cost estimates to his heart’s content and defeat contempt motions.

But that’s not an appealing argument to take on the campaign trail. So the PM is asking Canadians to see a strong opposition not as an insurance policy against high-handed government, but as a threat to democracy.


What sparked the united opposition revolt was an out-of-touch fiscal update that ignored the recession that was beginning to grip the country, that offered no stimulus for the econo­my and that took a petty partisan swipe at cutting public funding the out-of-power parties depended on. To avoid defeat, Mr. Harper sus­pended Parliament and quickly produced a new budget with the stimulus spending that he now holds up as evidence of his government’s strong economic management.

Again, this is not a great argument for the proposition that a Conservative majority would have served Canadians better.

The whole thing is pretty good really. I left out the part where harper is rightly trashed for his titanic hypocrisy on the whole issue of coalitions.

I just thought you all should check out the laughable whining of the harpercon zombies down in the comments section below:

Of course Harper must be stopped at all costs according to the CH. There is not an unbiased bone in the body of this media outlet and its columnists.

Not working with others? How did the minority government last five years then? Because the government was supported by the people and to this day do not have much use for the official opposition leader and his party nor the other opposition parties.

Do I agree with all the tactics used by the Harper government? Not at all. Howeve, the government had to fight tooth and nail against three opposition parties who comprised an informal coalition to stop any progess the Conservatives could make.

There is no indication that Ignatieff has any leadership abilities. He can't even manage his own party.

The United States has a "great communicator" and that country is in a world of hurt. The man has turned into a dud and I suspect with Ignatieff as PM the same fate would befall Canada.

and ...

There is a big difference between forming a collation with your opposition in order to form a government, when the leader of the party with the most seats is requesting the dissolving of the government and the calling of an election, and the situation that transpired in 2009-2010. Here the leader of the party with the most seats (Harper) was being forced aside by the three Amigo's (Layton, Dion, Dueceppe) Harper was not going to the Governor General in order to have her grant a dissolution of parliament, Harper was about to introduce legislation to eliminate the $2 buck a vote give away to the Liberals, the Block, the Greens and to the N.D.P. That is what woke them up from their tax induced sleep, and forced them to gang up to protect their turf. Anyone who tried to portray that coalition as a defense of democracy is truly deluded, it was the defense of their financial well being, pure and simple, enough of this foolish talk about the voter being the the most important part of the political process, the survival of the party is front and center. Sort of like Russia without the czar.Eh Iggy?

and ...

This newspaper is so biased

It's not even so much the anti-Tory editorials. If this paper wants to perpetuate our culture of defeat, maybe that's what sells papers in this neck of the woods. I actually agree this editorial board's silly opinions are better than none at all.

But what's troubling is what this paper prints under the guise of news. Headlines since the weekend include "Harper faces blowback over coalition" and "Harper pushes fear factor". Those headlines aren't news, they're leftist opinion.

Halifax will vote for orange fenceposts anyway so in a sense it doesn't really matter, but it's a little bit embarrassing that the publication that claims to be the region's newspaper of record takes more cues from Pravda than the Washington Post.

and ...

I hardly think it's fair to say the Conservatives won't work with other parties after they've navigated their way to one of the longest-lived minority governments in Canadian history. Do you think your readers are stupid?

That being said... if Harper benefits from talk about a possible coalition, it's because the public doesn't want those parties to gain power. It's called democracy.

In the glory days of Canadian Cynic's blog, he showed us several times, on a daily basis, how these cretins are physically incapable of following a point and dealing with it on its own terms. One of the clearest attempts of these nincompoops to address the editorial's point is the five year duration of harper's minority government.

Presumably these folks followed politics (they're writing comments to political editorials after all), but they seem happily ignorant of harper's consistent brinkmanship during his minority government. He REPEATEDLY forced through unpleasant legislation and DARED the Liberals to reject it and force an election. (Remember "every vote is a confidence vote"?) Instead, we hear fantastical distortions of history and political reality like this:

Not working with others? How did the minority government last five years then? Because the government was supported by the people and to this day do not have much use for the official opposition leader and his party nor the other opposition parties.

The government was supported by the people? What alternate reality is that from? Harper had 38% of the votes of the 60% of us who bothered to vote. Then and now, the MAJORITY of people who bother to vote REJECT harper.

Mostly though, these fools resort to the middle-aged version of "the teacher didn't like me" whine. "Your newspaper is BIASED!!" they whine.

Let me share something with you shit-heads: The fact that your party is one of the two constant contenders for power in this country is a fucking miracle. No it's not, it's and INDICTMENT of our political culture.

But notice how none of these partisan hacks even attempt to face-up to the fact that harper is denying Parliament the necessary information for debating policies. Listen to Dale at "Hill Queeries" again:

By the way, this is HUGE. The underlying premise of parliamentary democracy is that parliament grants a government supply (money) to carry out its agenda. If parliament can’t scrutinize a government’s legislative platform and its cost, how can they adequately grant supply? They can’t. That’s why this abuse of cabinet confidences is a fundamental attack on our very system of government

How would those whining babies at the Chronicle-Herald comments section feel about a Liberal or NDP government doing this? What sort of world would we have if stupid, ignorant, lying people had the sense to STFU and stay home at election day. If they could have consistent moments of clarity, it could be every time an election rolls around, when it dawns on them:

"I hope the Conservatives win. Waitaminnit! I'm a fucking idiot! I believe the most obvious lies and I'm a scared, selfish, S.O.B. who doesn't get along with others. Any party someone like me would vote for would have to be some kind of sick monstrosity. I think I'll drink myself unconscious on election day instead."


Kev said...

It wouldn't matter if they drank themselves unconscious, even an EKG wouldn't be able to detect any discernible drop in brain activity

thwap said...


I'm not thinking about their brain activity. I'm just hoping they pass out before they can even ambulate to a polling booth like a headless cockroach skitters around a floor.