Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Jesus Christ

Liberal Bloggers who are creaming themselves over Ryan Dolby (the former NDP candidate for Elgin-Middlesex-London)'s decision to withdraw and prevent a split-vote from giving the riding to the harpercons, ... could you please take the five seconds of thought necessary to not make this another episode of "Vote Liberal. Always and Everywhere. Vote Liberal."

The NDP isn't going anywhere. And unless I see you posting tomorrow advising Liberals to quit in ridings where THEY are the third-party spoilers, I'll write you off now and forever as stupid, hypocritical hacks.

Maybe while you're writing those open letters to third-place Liberal candidates, you could also explain Ignatieff's love affair with the tar sands, how practically your whole stupid front bench (Martin, Rae, Manley) wanted to join the invasion of Iraq, your handling of the torture file in Afghanistan, your party's working with the harpercons to limit the testimony of victims of Colombian government terror during the Colombian Free Trade hearings, your party's history of corporate tax cuts and austerity for everyone else, and on and fucking on.

Your party really isn't progressive. It's the Canadian version of the Democrats. The Republicans appeal to the basest instincts of US-American voters and then plunder the chumps when elected. The Democrats appeal to the higher ideals of US-American voters, only to betray them.


Orwell's Bastard said...

How about some links to some of those creamy blogs? We need to see what we're up against if we're going to counter it ...

Anonymous said...

What thwap said.