Monday, March 14, 2011

On the Firing of P. J. Crowley

As most of you know, Barack Obama has fired State Department spokesperson P. J. Crowley for his statements on the torture of Bradley Manning. Calling Manning's torture ""ridiculous, counterproductive and stupid," raised the ire of the detestable public relations creature that is Barack Obama.

Like the amoral Wall Street/Imperialist shill that he is, Obama farted out of his mouth sounds to the effect that just like bush II would turn to psychotic morons like Alberto Gonzales or John Yoo, and have them scribble something like "it isn't torture if you don't lose an organ or a limb" or "it is not illegal to crush the testicles of a suspect's child to coerce a confession (so long as you have a good reason to do so)," Obama has found some other piece of slime to say that Manning's torture is "appropriate."

I just want to point out here that if Obama hadn't already lowered himself beyond all hope of redemption during his shitty administration (vetoing the UN resolution against Israel's illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories; keeping the Guantanamo torture chamber open when he said he'd close it [and by which he meant that he'd simply move the torture victims somewhere else]; raining death from the skies upon the people of western Pakistan with his massive expansion of drone strikes; assuming the right to murder his own country's citizens overseas without any due process of law or any form of restraint; and pretty much the entirety of his economic policies), he has so lowered himself now.

In firing the commendably honest Crowley, the sickening Obama reminds me of nothing else but the sickening stephen harper in his attack upon the upright and outstanding Richard Colvin. It goes without saying that I would never want to be tortured. Nobody would want to be tortured. Nobody should be tortured. It's inhuman. (Although we humans seem nauseatingly prone to torturing each other.) I suspect that if Mister Obama and Mister harper were turned over to the sadistic goons who have tortured others on their behalf, and they were reduced to crying like babies and "confessing" to any bizarre plots their torturers invented, both of those assholes might, MIGHT rethink their revolting behaviour in this matter.

So, where are the Democrats here? As Glenn Greenwald says in the link above, they're conspicuously silent about Obama's torture policies and his suppression of Crowley when they were roaring to the skies during the bush II regime. What sort of partisan stupidity causes people to forget all their human values when it comes to their own team's actions? How important is it to these imbeciles that their team wins even if their team tortures people?

FWIW - I generally support the NDP politically. But you can search this blog and you'll see that this support is not without qualifications. If I thought the NDP was hopeless then I'd think that electoral politics was entirely hopeless and I don't want to believe that just yet. But our politicians can become as scuzzy as our system can infect them to be. Nobody is better placed to ensure that a political party doesn't lose its humanity than its own members. If Democrats rose up enmasse and told Obama that they will repudiate him for his torture policies, and meant it, this barbarism would end.


I'd like to reemphasize my point here. Barack Obama has lowered himself beyond redemption here. This behaviour is the equivalent of somebody killing one of your loved ones. You don't "forgive and forget" something like that. If somebody kills one of your beloved and then asks if they can borrow ten bucks, the last thing on your mind should be "will they pay me back?" When people murder the ones you love you don't go "I might want to use their lawnmower this summer so I'd better stay on their good side." You don't think "Next time they ask me for something I might say no."

Or the big one: "I'll still keep that person as a friend because my other neighbour is a total idiot and scum-bag."

If your choices of friends and neighbours are george w. bush and Barack Obama, your best option is to move. And, for the record, since John Kerry let the Repugs steal a second election and after the Democrats regained Congress and CONTINUED to fund bush II's wars, I have said that US Americans should abandon electoral politics.

What makes Obama worse than bush II here is that Obama is a constitutional lawyer. bush II was a lazy-minded idiot-ignoramus. He might even have believed John Yoo's insane ramblings. Obama knows better. He didn't have to ask anyone if Manning's treatment was torture. He knew beforehand. He's contemptible, lying, cowardly scum.


trevorus said...

i guess crowley's father was a POW in WW2. maybe that's why he's "soft on TERROR"

thwap said...


One would think you wouldn't need any special knowledge to not torture people. Then again, when looking for links for that post i found some right-wing sewer that condemned Crowley, supported the torture of Manning and demanded that Americans stand up for what their country represents.

To be POTUS must mean swimming in that moral filth and having lost any sense of decency decades ago.

trevorus said...

one of my favorite authors on how the potus operates.

hopefully they swim out to far and drown in that moral filth.

thwap said...


Good essay so far. Thanks.