Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Politicians Who Have Sunk Beyond Redemption

Yesterday I wrote about how if Barack Obama hadn't already lowered himself beyond redemption he did when he forced P. J. Crowley to resign for his criticism of the torture of whistle-blower Bradley Manning. The Harvard constitutional lawyer, Barack Obama, has been "assured" by government lawyers that the solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, daily humiliation, and overall torture of Bradley Manning (who hasn't been convicted of anything) is "appropriate."

While we're on the subject of people who are irredeemable, let's mention stephen harper for his repeated demonstrations of his utter contempt for Canadian democracy. Then there's Dalton McGuinty for his slinking around torpedoing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms with his use of the Public Works Protection Act. McGuinty should also be condemned for his abuse of the First Nations in the interest of mining corporations up in northern Ontario.

Another individual, while he's not a politician, has a job with a high political profile, Toronto Police Service chief Bill Blair, for his cynical, disgusting, hypocritical, violations of Canadians' Charter Rights and his assholeish smearing of the victims has also proved himself to be beyond hope. (Some people give Blair high points for his much better rhetoric than his doofus predecessor Julian Fantino. All Blair's nice words mean though, is that he's a better liar. Blair has been trained to know what to say to mitigate the suspicions of some groups of people about the police.)

What makes Canadian politics so depressing is the almost total lack of realistic options. While McGuinty is hopelessly nauseating, in practical terms he'll be modestly superior than the authoritarian corporate stooge (and possible successor) the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak. Hudak is basically a sequel to the thuggish Mike Harris. Indeed, Hudak has married Deb Hutton, who was Harris's assistant back when the stupid goon was allegedly roaring that the OPP "get the fucking Indians out of the park" at Ipperwash, and allegedly pressuring them into the disastrous confrontation that killed Dudley George.

Paul Martin
, for what he did to Haiti. Peter MacKay for his buffoonery. Lawrence Cannon for his disgusting mistreatment of Abousfian Abdelrazik and Suaad Hagi Mohamud. And on and on and on ...

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