Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is stephen harper a hypocritical, self-pitying sack of shit?

I tend to think so.


Orwell's Bastard said...

Ya know, thwap, that's what I like about you. Always with the nuance, always aware that not everything boils down to a simple yes or no, that there are ambiguities and shades of meaning in most situations.

The question that forms the title of this post, for instance. A less thoughtful, less reflective person would have answered "yes" without any thought. But not you, old chap. In just five words, you leave yourself not one, but two opportunities for wiggle room. Where a piker like me would have said "yes," committing myself unambiguously, you "tend" to "think so" -- giving yourself two outs, should the need arise.

You sly fox.

thwap said...


In keeping with the jest, ... Of course I try to differentiate myself from the ideologues by acknowledging the shades of grey. (Or in harper's case, the watery browns.)