Wednesday, March 16, 2011

harper's Japan Remarks: The banality of evil

So, upon witnessing (along with the rest of us) the terrible devastation of the earthquake and the tsunami, and now, the deadly explosions of ill-prepared nuclear power stations in Japan, harper furrows his brow and tries to make a "teachable moment" out of the tragedy:
“All of these things should remind everyone, should remind everybody in Canada, should remind all the parties in Parliament, that the global economy remains extremely fragile. It does not take very much to make us all, not just in Canada and the United States but all around the world, very worried,” he said.

“The fact of the matter is this should be a wake-up call that we cannot afford to take our focus off the economy to get into a bunch of unnecessary political games or, as I said, an opportunistic or unnecessary election that nobody was asking for.”
Oh my fucking god.

The man has absolutely no humanity. Can't you just imagine the clod?
Acquaintance of harper: "My parents died in a car accident."

stephen harper: "I think your tragedy is an indication that nobody knows where the global economy is going to go and that the last thing we need are more political games from partisan interests in Ottawa."

Acquaintance of harper: "You're insane. Get out of my sight!"
The man also has absolutely no brains.

Don't the nuclear meltdowns in Japan signal that there needs to be greater democratic accountability when countries make big decisions on things like nuclear power, the regulation of big business, the buying of multi-billion dollar fighter jets, the building of multi-billion dollar prisons?
Me: "Hey harper! What's the meaning of life?"

stephen harper: "I don't know. Nobody knows. Just as nobody knows how the world economy is ..."

Me: "Never mind that. Is there a God?"

stephen harper: "If there is a God, He's definitely angry with all the political games they're playing in ..."

Me: "Shut the fuck up. Does torture debase the souls of those who practice it?"

stephen harper: "I'm not sure. But playing partisan games deba.."

Me: "I'd stay and chat, but there's something really boring on tv that I'd rather watch instead."



Terrence said...

Okay, that was pretty funny.

thwap said...

He'd be hilarious if he wasn't our prime minister.

He wants to be an actor. We could do a show about him going back to be the head of the National Citizens' Coalition as it dwindles into total pointlessness. He can be like the stupid boss from "The Office."

Todd said...

How does this comment grab you?

thwap said...

Oh yeah. That one's definitely up there.


Then they try to lecture us on morality right?

Todd said...

OMG, it just keeps spiralling!

I found this one today:

Ann Coulter on O'Reilly: Radiation Is Good for You

thwap said...

I saw a video clip for that on "Crooks and Liars."

I didn't watch it because I already know that both of those creatures are appalling and they're nothing but freakish indicators of how low and stupid that lowly and stupid demographic they entertain can be.