Monday, September 1, 2014

Last Day in a Fog

I'll post other things after I re-learn how to think. Maybe Tuesday will be my last day in the fog.


greg said...

Concerning these audits of environmental orgs. Regarding political activity. Fraser Institute and God knows how many are obviously "linked" to conservative gov at the very least. There must be a mountain of evidence to point to these guys helping to write policy. Saying these guys are engaging in political activity is like saying I breathe air. But I haven't seen any main stream article on this. (Every liberal blogger has said it.) Creekside etc. talks about it.

I guess it's so huge that nobody bothers with it. I mean I get the cynicism of it and "it's been going on since the beginning." Whatever.

Maybe one reason why the left is so ineffectual is you have guys like me going around the house saying "what the hell is going on" Probably an excuse.

thwap said...

Or torture, or election fraud, or contempt of Parliament, or take your pick.

I'm focusing on transit in Toronto these days.

As we skip merrily towards World War III in the Ukraine.