Sunday, February 8, 2009


Yeah, ... had this bad head cold for a week and a half, and it wasn't getting better. Worse in fact. Some kinda bacterial infection, hence the antibiotics.

Gonna start working on a public presentation, maybe a slide-show, about the roots of the economic crisis and how ordinary people are going to have to protect themselves from it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

I suggest to all the genuinely progressive folks out there who read this blog (I'd assume there's about 10-20 of you) to sit down and think of something to tell your own communities. The total collapse of the international capitalist economy isn't just a "great opportunity" for the left to make their claims, it's actually a moral necessity (if you'll allow me the phrase).

ETA: Yeah, and we should make our presentations for the off-line world. Put up posters and get local community groups involved. If the public responds to this crisis according to what they read in the mainstream media, we're all fucked.


Alison said...

The "100 mile diet" for food producers would be a start.

OT, but not really : Obama channels Rory Stewart.

thwap said...

It's getting more and more frightening, the level of disconnection the elites are operating at.