Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Titanic Danger of Islamic Fundamentalism

Last post I referred to sputtering gas-bag Terry Glavin as a "useful idiot" for Western imperialists' wars of aggression in the Middle East and parts "east, west, south and north somewhat." It goes like this: Western imperialists want the oil in the Middle East. Some of them want the Palestinians' lands. They want pliant, corruptable governments there. They want to eliminate any and all challenges to their total authority (there haven't been any genuine "threats" to their position of dominance anywhere in the world since the fall of the Soviet Union) globally or even regionally. They want to establish bases from which they can have striking capacity at China and Russia. Because of this, they topple governments. They prop-up dictators. They buy and sell weapons in huge quantities to oppress their own people and to attack others. They even invade from time-to-time. When they do this, they create enemies.

For a number of reasons, some indigenous some imported, the latest incarnation of Arab, Muslim, resistance to corrupt governments, US imperialism or Israeli barbarism has been led by radical Muslim clerics and militias. The Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, all of them sworn to defeat some vestige or other of the Western project and determined as well to enforce their own particular brands of religious obscurantism on their peoples.

This has given deluded neo-con blowhards, right-wing morons and useful idiots like Christopher Hitchens and Terry Glavin the chance to pontificate and/or screech about the dangers of "radical Islam" or "Islamic fundamentalism" or "Islamo-fascism." At its most deranged, these fools would have us believe that the West's secular society is at risk from these Muslim hordes. At a sublime level of asininity smashing an airliner into a building and blowing up a bus or train car once in a while will supposedly bring us to our knees and we'll all be praying to Mecca and our pornstars will be forced to perform wearing burqas unless we surrender all of our rights to the War on Terror. At a slightly less deranged level, devious Muslims will take advantage of Western tolerance AND leftist stupidity to infect our culture from within. According to Mark Steyn Muslim women are busy pooping-out little jihadists all over Europe in order to latch onto the teats of their welfare states and drown all of Europe with their numbers. America, thankfully, is populated by sub-intelligent Christian women who (thanks to their rejection of birth control) can't help but produce huge litters of intolerant Christian babies. In Canada (where South Asians of every religious stripe are the largest source of immigrants, followed by East Asians) the Muslim conspiracy is to work thusly: Radical Islamic groups will note an insult to Arabs or Islam, complain to the Human Rights Commissions and, before you know it, out of sheer politeness and leftist gullibility we'll be sending our homosexuals and drunkards to the chopping block, foregoing bacon on our pizzas and shouting "Death to America" at the Peace Bridge.

Which of course is all self-evidently ridiculous. But these wingnuts like to work themselves into a lather about this manufactured threat to all we hold dear. They're all for allowing our governments to hold anyone they want without charges and they're all for allowing our governments to torture us, indefinitely, to preserve our sacred traditions of human rights and the rule of law.

Too bad for them that their such enormous crocks of shit about everything. First of all, the wars that they're supposed to die in (and drag us into with them) are being fought for wealthy oil companies, weapons manufacturors and corrupt contractors like Halliburton. These rubes won't even see lower prices at the pump in exchange for cheering on the destruction of our genuine freedoms and their childrens' lives in illegal wars. Either that, or they'll happily suffer bombings and wars so that a foreign country, Israel, can attempt to reclaim what religious lunatics there imagine are the historical lands of the Hebrews. Why a Canadian of non-Jewish ancestry should care about Israel expanding its borders is entirely inexplicable.

Also too bad for these morons is the fact that one of the biggest exportes of extreme fundamentalism is the government of Saudi Arabia, a close ally of the stalwart enemy of Islamic fundamentalism, the United States of America. The USA has also granted all sorts of assistance to the government of Pakistan's efforts to foster extremist fundamentalist movements such as the Taliban. The USA has done more yeoman's work to smash and discredit secular democracy in the Middle East than is easily understood by these yahoos, whether in Iran, Egypt of Lebanon. It has armed and funded the mujaheddin in Afghanistan. (Israel itself funded Hezbollah when it could be used as a rival to the larger, secular PLO.)

The dismantling of our rights and the invasions of other lands for resources and geo-strategic purposes is all of piece in the decline of late-capitalism. The creation of a state of unending war against an imaginary enemy helps to make the population amenable to these crimes. I'm sick of having to endure the stupidity that attempts to make this all plausible, whether it comes from knuckle-draggers on SDA, assholes like William Kristol, or insecure, raving, self-important turds like Terry Glavin.


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