Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Intellectual Adversaries

Okay, let's review here:

There's mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Klanswoman KKKate MakkkMillan (who shows her intellectual integrity by deleting comments that prove her cluelessness and stupidity)

There's NAMBLA-enthusiast Richard Evans.

There's "Hunter" who says that Canada's mud and our "families" make us a "conservative" nation.

There's Jonah Goldberg, who wrote a book called Liberal Fascism and that's really all that one has to say about that.

There's Rush Limbaugh; revered by "conservative" airhead chumps across the US of A as a straight-talking, conventional values kinda dude, who happens to be a multimillionaire who got addicted to OxyContin and decided to buy it off the street (via his housekeeper because he was either too cowardly, lazy or fat to get it himself) and who also was found travelling from the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra perscribed to his doctor (to protect Rush's "privacy").

And it goes on and on. Including this guy:
At dinner (where he talked with his mouth full at about 3:15), Ziegler opined about relationships and in a nutshell, he thinks women are foolish. He believes marriage should have contracts that come up for renewal and review every five years. Isn't' that romantic?

When he said, "I realize talking about women and being rational is an oxymoron", that did it. Ms. Long Island was officially repulsed. It was the turning point of the date. She didn't even finish dinner, ending the date right there.

Yeah, it was a "reality" dating show. Maybe he was trying to be an asshole to make the segment interesting. But given his stated political orientation and the track record of these morons, I'm thinking that was sincere.

[For the record, the idea of renewing your marriage every five years doesn't sound like an inherently insane thing to do. But go to the link and watch the clip. He argues that as the years pass, the men will have more power in the relationship because they'll keep getting more "distinguished" looking whereas women ("you guys" he says to his date) just get older and more unattractive.]

Summary: They are stupid, disgusting people and therefore their politics are stupid and disgusting. That they chose to call their politics "conservatism" is perhaps an interesting accident of history, or, more likely, part of their stupid inability to let go of discredited ideas that they've only just been able to master.


Real_PHV_Mentarch said...

That is what primitive minds do, Thwap. That is *all* they can do ...

thwap said...

Hey Mentarch my man, good to know you're still alive.

Just the flu it seems 'eh.

Mark said...

Rush was "out-sourcing" or "delegating" the labor associated with finding black market drugs. That isn't stupid, lazy, or cowardly: it is really smart:)

thwap said...

i still remember that teaser for FuxNewz's "1/2-hour newshour" debacle.

"President" Limbaugh said of his new administration; "The grown-ups are back in charge!"

Some fat, lazy-assed jonesing hypocrite, sending his nanny out to score his drugs before he goes out to fuck the poor women of some country victimized by US imperialism, ... he considers himself a grown-up.