Monday, February 9, 2009

Technologies of Domination and Resistance

Fuck, what can I say. In the late-18th and the 19th Centuries, the weaponry available to the masses in Europe was roughly similar to what the rulers had. In the late-18th Century for instance, sea-faring pirates could often go up against the most powerful military technology and occasionally prevail.

Today, we're simply out-gunned. On top of that, governments are developing ever more insidious and comprehensive surveillance technologies, which combined with propaganda (justifying the dismantling of hard-won civil, legal and political rights), much larger police and military forces, and sophisticated techniques of torture and mind-control, are making organized resistance increasingly difficult.

What's needed is a peaceful, gigantic mass-movement, united behind winning increased power with the present half-assed democratic system we have now. Something so big that the loss of a few leaders to the torture-chambers is inconsequential. Something so big, but so justifiable that refusing it will tear the mask of off capitalist democracy and usher in its complete loss of credibility.

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