Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yet Another Disgusting Thing ...

Raphael Alexander.

Fresh from a triumphant engagement of giggling, hooting and frantic masturbation at the thought of torturing teenagers, Raphael now proceeds to hold forth on how non-white Canadians beg to be tortured so that they can turn around and scam real, honest-to-GOD, white Canadians of their hard-earned tax dollars.

Raphael really put his head up his ass with that one. (He must like the smell.)

One of those guys tortured in Syria was an Iraqi (a refugee fom Saddam Hussein's regime who thought he could go home because his country had been freed), the other was an Egyptian (who was engaged to a Syrian woman) and while the last of the three was a Syrian, he'd been a Canadian since he was 16, he'd never been troubled by the Syrian government before, and he was visiting briefly to see his grandmother before she died.

Raphael is a pasty, stupid little boy who needs a time-out from blogging. The last thing he needs is "enabling" from his co-conspirators in abject ignorance and filth, "The National Pest."

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